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    • Thunder in my Soul

      A Mohawk Woman Speaks

      By Patricia Monture-Angus     January 1995

      This book contains the reflections of one Mohawk woman and her struggles to find a good place to be in Canadian society. The essays, written in enjoyable and accessible language, document the struggles against oppression that Aboriginal people face, as well as the success and change that have come to Aboriginal communities. It speaks to both the mind and the heart.

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    • Something’s Wrong Somewhere

      Globalization, Community and the Moral Economy of the Farm Crisis

      By Christopher Lind     January 1995

      “Recalling the fascinating history of rural protests in seventeenth to nineteenth century England, (Lind) argues that today’s crisis has as much to do with morals and ethics as with economics.”-Kim Cariou, People’s Voice

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    • Politics on the Margins

      Restructuring and the Canadian Women’s Movement

      By Janine Brodie     January 1995

      “Janine Brodie’s thoughtful and insightful analysis of the impact of international restructuring on the women’s movement asks all the right questions. Her challenge to develop new strategies in the face of the destruction of the welfare state should be taken up by feminists everywhere.” - Judy Rebick

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    • More Perishable than Lettuce or Tomatoes

      Labour Law Reform and Toronto’s Newspapers

      By Edward T. Silva     January 1995

      This book presents an in-depth analysis of the “unbalanced” treatment by the four largest Toronto dailies of the Ontario NDP’s 1992 proposed labour reform law.

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    • Invisible Giant

      Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies

      By Brewster Kneen     January 1995

      Transnational corporations(TNCs) straddle the globe, largely unseen by the public. Cargill is the epitome of transnational corporation - the largest private corporation in North America, and possibly in the world, it trades in all agricultural commodities and produces and processes a great many of them.

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    • International Political Economy

      Understanding Global Disorder

      Edited by Bjorn Hettne     January 1995

      The collapse of the Berlin Wall triggered the geopolitical transition to a post-Cold War world. Far from ushering in a new world order of progress and peace, humanity finds itself confronted my new conflicts, new sources of insecurity and a highly unpredictable future.

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    • Empowerment

      Towards Sustainable Development

      Edited by Naresh C. Singh and Vangile Titi     January 1995

      While fashionable rhetoric threatens to overwhelm clear thinking sustainable development, the authors of this study believe that serious and difficult questions need to be asked if we are to move to a concept and practice of development which really integrates the needs of people, the economy, the environment and the practical world of decision-making. In particular, it is too easy to assume a positive relation between poverty reduction and an improved environment. Instead they argue that the alleviation of poverty and sustainable development are only likely if the idea of empowerment and it practical institutionalization in the law, the education process and the machinery of government becomes a reality. This innovative book explores some of the multiple ways in which this approach could become a reality, as well as the difficulties that stand in the way.

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    • Apostles of Greed

      Capitalism and the Myth of the Individual in the Market

      By Allan Engler     January 1995

      “Provides a readable history of the eighteenth century origins of the ‘myth of the individual in the market,’ traces subsequent modifications of this idea, and details its contemporary revival…Like other religious relics, once removed from its ritual setting, the mythology of the individual in the market looks so tawdry and illogical one wonders how it became so potent.” - Libby Davis, Pacific Current

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    • Passion Fruit Tea

      By Eleonore Schönmaier     January 1994

      These are candid but sensitive stories about the relationship between parents and children, whether they live and work in a fishing village in Nova Scotia or in Northern Canada.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Quilt

      By Donna E. Smyth     January 1994

      Quilt is a remarkable work. With a unique and compelling voice, Donna Smyth tells a story that is full of complex relationships, raw domestic violence, and a saving compassion. As I read I kept thinking, “Why have I heard nothing about this novel?” –Budge Wilson, author of The Leaving and The Courtship

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      A Roseway Book