Fernwood Podcast Series

We do print books, eBooks, audiobooks, and recently, Fernwood has started dabbling in the art of the podcast. Digital ways to reach our audiences has become so important, and we hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts as well as reading our books.

  • Take Back the Fight

    What is modern feminism and how has the digital age changed it? In this limited-series podcast, Nora Loreto will take you through feminism: from debates to campaigns, from white feminism to co-optation, from Feminist Justin Trudeau to feminist civil disobedience, and everything in between.

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  • Thirtywood

    Celebrate thirty years of radical publishing with Fernwood Publishing’s podcast, Thirtywood. Highlighting some of Fernwood’s most impactful authors, each of the fifteen episodes is hosted by Nora Loreto and asks how radical books contribute to the work of political movements. Featuring authors like Renee Linklater, Shawn Wilson, El Jones and many more, Thirtywood embraces the dynamism of transformative world-building, the power of critical inquiry, and the joy of justice. Join Nora and our guests as they discuss some of today’s most pressing issues in social movements and independent political publishing.

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