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At Fernwood we are explicit about publishing political books that are accessible and widely applicable—with the specific goal of making readers think critically about the topic at hand.

Before you consider submitting your proposal, please take a look at our list. If you’re wondering whether your proposed book will appeal to our audience, feel free to send us a query at

We review submissions monthly as a collective. Please note, if your proposal is not chosen for publication, our small team cannot offer feedback.

If your proposal is accepted and we’ve signed a contract, what can you expect from us?

We are explicit about publishing political books that are accessible and widely applicable.

Fernwood editors work collaboratively with authors and we’re proud of the community relationships we’ve developed. Your editor will offer structural and stylistic editing expertise, but they will also offer politically invested editing, meaning we will probably want to have deep talks with you about your political project.

Our books also undergo peer review, because we value generative rigor and the collective character of ideas. Many of our books are used by academics and widely adopted as course readings. We are accredited by SSHRC’s Aid to Scholarly Publishing Program.

Marketing and promoting your book begins many months before a book is released. Fernwood offers support in media relations, finding reviewers, social media engagement, award submissions, and more. We will work with you to develop a comfortable and successful marketing and promotions plan.

Our team is well-versed in metadata practices as well as local and international distributor-oriented relations. Over three decades of championing unconventional ideas, we have established relationships with readers, educators, libraries, and booksellers who are looking for new political writing.

Fernwood has international sales and distribution. The majority of our books are sold in Canada, the US, and the UK, where we are represented by Ampersand Inc.Columbia University Press, and Global Book Marketing and distributed by University of Toronto Press Distribution, Columbia University Press and Central Books.

Submitting Your Proposal

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts: We require a formal proposal in order to assess your manuscript and its fit with our two publishing programs.

The proposal is an important step in the publishing process as it gives the editorial committee the opportunity to evaluate your project and writing style and make an informed decision about publication.


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