A New Democracy

Alternatives to a Bankrupt World Order

By Harry Shutt  

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Harry Shutt argues our world is coming under threat from forces that the ruling elite is increasingly unable to control. Our present economic system is inherently unstable and heading not just for recession, but very serious breakdown. And US domination of international politics cannot last in an age where democracy and respect for human rights are demanded and where marginalization of most of the world’s people is no longer acceptable.

A New Democracy gives us a trenchant mix of powerful critique and concrete hope. Shutt exposes the fantasies at the heart of today’s market capitalism and counterfeit democracy. He gives practical ideas for:

• Overcoming the crisis of poverty in the Third World, and growing economic and social insecurity everywhere;

• Replacing the “free” market with a system that curbs the power of big money’

• Substituting for globalization genuinely democratic and socially responsible institutions to manage global problems.

Here is a message of hope, a contribution to a new political agenda, and the intellectual ideas to support it.

Harry Shutt’s previous book: What the critics said

“Identifies an impressive array of potential problems” –The Christian Science Monitor

“One of the few to expose capitalism’s lies and imperfections, faults that critically threaten our democratic survival” –Publishers Weekly

“A thoughtful treatment of the current economic scene” –Library Journal

“Shutt [has] a message for every saver and investor: a crash of 1929 proportions is almost inevitable” –The Guardian

“A powerful contribution to our understanding of the problems with finance-led economic globalization” – International Affairs

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  • Introduction: Breakdown of the World Order
  • The Waning of Imperialism
  • Capitalist Crisis and the Threat to US Hegemony
  • Corporate Interests versus Public Interest
  • The World Trade System: A Study in the Failure of Globalism
  • The Crisis of Underdevelopment: Searching for a New Model
  • In PLace of the “Free” Market
  • The Transition to Supranationalism
  • The Path to Democracy
  • Index


  • Harry Shutt

    Harrry Shutt was educated at Oxford and Warwick universities. He worked for six years in the Development and Planning Division of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). He then moved to the Research Department of the General and Municipal Workers’ Union (1973-76) and subsequently became Chief Economist at the Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa (1977-79). Since then he has been an independent economic consultant. His most recent book is The Trouble with Capitalism: An Inquiry into the Causes of Global Economic Failure (Zed Books, 1999). He is also the author of The Myth of Free Trade: Patterns of Protectionism since 1945 (Basil Blackwell/The Economist, 1985).

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