Hollow Work, Hollow Society

Globalization and the Casual Labour Problem in Canada

By Dave Broad  

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More and more people in Canada and other Western countries are now working at part-time, short-term and other casual jobs. People are now asking: What happened to full-time employment? Why is part-time work being promoted by business people and politicians as a positive thing? Situated historically, the restructuring of global capital and labour markets does not paint such a rosy picture. This book explains the contemporary casualization of work as integral to global economic restructuring. Hence, the increase in casual work is not simply a reflex of the expansion of the service sector, or of women’s post-second world war re-entry into paid employment, but is tied to a business agenda aimed at improving corporate profitability and controlling labour. A discussion of more democratic alternatives to the hollow society concludes the book.

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  • The Casual Labour Problem
  • The Casual Labour Market Today
  • Casual Labour and the History of Women’s Work
  • Globalization, Industrial Restructuring and Labour
  • Towards the Hollow Society?


  • Dave Broad


    Dave Broad is a Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Social Studies at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. He studies work and the labour market, and problems of world development and underdevelopment, and has published and presented widely on these subjects. His research includes analysis of the links between global economic restructuring and the casualization of labour, and related issues of poverty and social welfare

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