A Grassroots Collection of Stories, Poetry, Photos and Analysis from the FTAA Protests in Québec City and Beyond

Edited by Jen Chang, Steve Daniels, Darryl Leroux, Bethany Or, Eloginy Tharmendran and Emmie Tsumura  

Paperback $19.95

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In late April, tens of thousands of people gathered to protest at the Second People’s Summit of the Americas (the FTAA Summit). RESIST! is a collection of young peoples’ experiences from Quebec City. Surprising in their honesty, these accounts, including poems, photos and essays, look at what happened during the FTAA weekend. The contributors seek answers to explain the treatment of the protesters, marvel at the strength of character of those that they encountered, and celebrate many successes. The material gathered here reflects the variety of people who felt compelled to go to the protests and talks about how they chose to participate.

The contributors found themselves on either side of the fence and in jails, and they watched as friends were harassed or taken away by police. They talk about their participation in the Saturday march, sleeping on gymnasium floors and being fed and taken care of. Amongst the personal stories are responses from many different groups and essays that analyse the FTAA, the anti-globalization movement and organizations involved in acts of resistance.

An engaging look at the Second People’s Summit of the Americas, RESIST! presents a much different experience from that depicted in the news coverage. It encourages all of us to be forward looking and to be active within our own communities.

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  • Contributors
  • List of Acronyms
  • Note from the Editorial Collective
  • Publisher’s Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Declaring Freedom
  • The Struggle for Water: The Cochabamba Declaration (The Editorial Collective)
  • Statement from Akwesasne Community Organizers (Akwesasne Community Organizers)
  • Declaration of the Second Peoples’ Summit (Delegates of the Second Peoples’ Summit)
  • Part Two: From the Front: Accounts from Québec City
  • First We Took Québec City, Then Drummondville: The True Story Behind the Anarchist Invasion of Québec City (Norman Nawrocki)
  • A Québec City Diary (Philippe de Grosbois)
  • A Kiss for the Riot Cop (Sandra Alland)
  • Anishinaabe Girl in Québec (Jennifer Bennett-Wikwemikong Band, Wikwemikong, Ontario)
  • Double Agent Dey (Sujata Dey)
  • From Behind the Barricades (Heather Majaury)
  • Standing on the Fence of Division: Through the Eyes of a Minority (Laura Burrows)
  • This Is Where Everyone Belongs (Greg Younger-Lewis)
  • Québec City: A Love Story (Emma Mirabella-Davis)
  • Photo Essay (Brian Burch)
  • Part Three: Voicing Injustice: Harassment and Jail Testimonies
  • In Québec, They Used Tear Gas (Heather Majaury)
  • Documenting Dissent (Ali Kazimi)
  • (Un)Reasonable Search and Seizure in Québec City: Lessons from an Emerging Filmmaker (Malcolm Rogge)
  • Akwesasne Cross-Border Action, April 19, 2001: A Mohawk Community and OCAP Confront State Repression (Jeff Shantz)
  • Not With a Whimper (Blair Anundson)
  • Imprisoned in Montréal (Alexis Robie)
  • You Could See the Shame on Their Faces (Liberty)
  • Liberated in Québec City (Angela Bischoff)
  • Part Four: Taking It Home I: Reflections
  • Captivated by Conditions (Stephan Kim)
  • Rage and Shine (Ladner Reet)
  • Gas Not Only Cause for Tears at Trade Summit (Anna Manzo)
  • Analyzing Québec’s Intifada (Scott Weinstein)
  • Québec—Je me souviens (François Pelletier)
  • The Media Army (Max Spencer and Nox)
  • Counterspin (Anne Marie Wierzbicki)
  • Free Media and Free Trade: Redefining the Vernacular (T.M. Abdelazim)
  • A Generation That Knows the Taste of Tear Gas (Darren Stewart)
  • Experiences and Conversation in Québec City (Tullia Marcolongo and Anup Grewal)
  • Part Five: Taking It Home II: Where to Go from Here
  • Women Talking About Sexism in the Anti-Globalization Movement (Caitlin Hewitt-White)
  • Living Earth (Anon Ymous)
  • Under (Ladner Reet)
  • Rebuilding the Global Rebellion (Kagiso Molope)
  • Lest We Forget? (Anon Ymous)
  • Bondage Free (Gian Mura)
  • Anti-Racist Organizing: Reflecting on Lessons from Québec City (Pauline Hwang)
  • Building Sustainable Communities of Resistance (Sarah Lamble)
  • Epilogue (Editorial Collective)
  • References

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