Book Series

  • About Canada

    A new series of books, About Canada explores key issues for Canadians. Accessibly written, affordable and in a distinctive format, these books provide basic—but critical and passionate—coverage of central aspects of our society.

  • Alternatives

    Canada is both a complex and contradictory society. In terms of values, Canadians set high standards for themselves. In practice, their aspirations often occasion fierce and intensely political debates. The Centre for Canadian Studies Alternatives Series is guided by the belief that ongoing debate on important matters of public policy enhances democracy and provides a basis for reconsidering Canada’s aspirations as a political community. This series of edited volumes, part of the Centre’s commitment to publicly engage matters of national import and promote public education, is intended to address key considerations in Canadian public life. The series promotes a re-evaluation of Canada’s evolution as a political community and the factors that guided this process. It also reflects on the current status of Canadian society, economics and culture, and considers how Canadians might re-construct their nation-state to address their problems, meet their objectives and reflect their values. By promoting dialogue on, study of and consideration of alternative conceptions of Canada, this series contributes to a re-thinking of the diverse experiences and potential futures of Canadians.

  • Global History of the Present

    In this series, which is published in partnership with Zed Books, historians explain how diverse nations have responded to the sweeping international changes of the past two decades. The books in this series also reveal the struggles and values that matter to ordinary people throughout the world and suggest alternative ways of thinking about world history in the context of present challenges.

  • Global Issues Series

    The books in the Global Issues Series share a common objective—to help stimulate new thinking and social action. Published in partnership with Zed Books, these titles are succinct, accessible ‘think-pieces’ addressing leading global issues. The authors pay particular attention to the needs and interests of ordinary people, whether living in rich industrial or developing countries.

  • Labour in Canada

    The Labour in Canada series provides timely snapshots of contemporary trends in labour markets and trade unions. Titles in the series help students understand the interconnections of work, economics, and politics across the country. They are also resources for activists and researchers seeking accessible analysis of how globalization and neoliberalism have affected working people, unions, and new social movements.

    “The Labour in Canada series is a critical new resource assessing the major changes to unions and work in Canada today. Written by some of the best current scholars in political science, sociology, and history, the volumes blend unique case studies from across the country with accessible discussions of the theories explaining transformations to work and the challenges facing the labour movement. These volumes are essential for students, unions, and citizens who are seeking to understand the effects of globalization on Canadian workers and what these mean for Canadian democracy.”

    Stephen McBride, Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization, McMaster University

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