Global Studies & Development

  • Contested Global Governance Space and Transnational Agrarian Movements

    By Mauro Conti     Forthcoming September 2023

    An empirical, un-matched study of transnational movements deeply embedded in financialization theories.

  • The Political Economy of Agribusiness

    A Critical Development Perspective

    By Maria Luisa Mendonça     April 2023

    This book analyzes global economic policies that impact rural communities, land use, food sovereignty and environmental justice.

  • Global Fishers

    The Politics of Transnational Movements

    By Elyse Noble Mills     March 2023

    This book draws upon political economy and political ecology debates to focus on the socio-ecological dynamics of fisheries politics.

  • Tiny Engines of Abundance

    A History of Peasant Productivity and Repression

    By Jim Handy     April 2022

    Food production by small peasant farmers is both more productive and sustainable than food produced by corporate agriculture.

  • The Fair Trade Handbook

    Building a Better World, Together

    Edited by Gavin Fridell, Zack Gross and Sean McHugh     October 2021

    Can global trade be made fair? This handbook brings together leading fair traders, activists, advocates and commentators in Canada and internationally, reflecting on the shortfalls of conventional business, production and global trade and how we can change our policies, practices and behaviours.

  • COVID-19 and the Future of Capitalism

    Postcapitalist Horizons Beyond Neo-Liberalism

    By Efe Can Gürcan, Ömer Ersin Kahraman and Selen Yanmaz     June 2021

    COVID-19 revealed the crisis of neoliberal globalization, and this book posits a revolutionary program that takes advantage of the pandemic environment to defeat and transcend capitalism.

  • Twilight Capitalism

    Karl Marx and the Decay of the Profit System

    By Murray E.G. Smith, Jonah Butovsky and Josh J.  Watterton     April 2021

    The Covid-19 crisis has brought our society to a precipice, and Marx’s laws of value and profitability are indispensable to interpreting the advanced state of decay of world capitalism. What should we do next?

  • Extractivisms

    Politics, Economy and Ecology

    By Eduardo Gudynas     January 2021

    This book adopts an interdisciplinary and critical perspective to explore the politics among humans and with the environment in natural resource appropriation.

  • The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism

    Lessons From Bolivia

    By Ben M. McKay     July 2020

    The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism analyzes how the Bolivian countryside is transformed by the development and expansion of the soy complex and reveals the extractive dynamics of capitalist industrial agriculture, while also challenging dominant discourses legitimating this model as a means to achieve inclusive and sustainable rural development.

  • Agriculture and the Generation Problem

    By Ben White     March 2020

    In this unique exploration of relations between the generations in agrarian societies, Agriculture and the Generation Problem examines the dynamics of the transfer of agrarian resources and opportunities between the generations in rural communities, and argues that we must take generational relations seriously if we are to understand the future of farming and the fate of future generations in rural areas.