Politics Rules

Power, Globalization and Development

By Adam Sneyd  

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Politics rules. Whether we like it or not, we are subject to politics wherever we go and whatever we are doing. Development is always and everywhere political, and frequently occurs with the interests of the powerful at the forefront. Can we hope to better understand the politics that shapes and controls our lives and dominates the lives of others across the globe?

In this concise volume, Adam Sneyd argues that it is imperative to understand the sub-field of development politics. He shows how the hard skill of careful political analysis can shed new light on some of today’s most intractable development challenges. In the end, Sneyd shows how conflicts over ideas can entrench underdevelopment and why we need better analyses of development politics in order to fight the status quo and expedite inclusive change.

  • Global Studies & Development
  • Co-published with Practical Action
  • ISBN: 9781773630922
  • April 2019
  • 132 Pages
  • $22.00
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  • Sneyd offers a thought-provoking and engaging guide that would be of great use in the classroom, and would also be highly instructive for specialists and development practitioners, themselves so often caught up in the politics of development without fully acknowledging it. Politics Rules offers a framework for understanding the politics of development, recognising its significance and plotting conceptual and practical ways to go beyond the narrow vision of development imposed by ‘the masters of the universe.’

    — London School of Economics Book Review, June 2019 (full review)


  • Introduction: What Is Politics? What Is Development?
  • Politics Rules
  • Imposing Order
  • Controlling Commerce
  • Humanizing Development
  • Hungering for the Global Goals
  • Conclusion: Developing a Political Analysis of Underdevelopment
  • Index


  • Adam Sneyd

    Adam Sneyd is an associate professor with the Department of Political Science, University of Guelph.

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