Contested Global Governance Space and Transnational Agrarian Movements

By Mauro Conti  

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This book is the first scholarly study of the new transnational agrarian movements (TAMs) from their perspective. It explores how they strategize against the global governance of agriculture to confront neoliberal aims of expanding capital penetration in the countryside. TAMs oppose this phase of financialization and instead foster a system based on agroecology and re-peasantization of production, valuing labour and natural resources over capital.

The book outlines how TAMs defend food sovereignty and oppose neoliberal policies in the context of climate change negotiations. It is written from their perspective, merging scholarship with activism through a methodology of observant participation.

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  • Introduction: A Strategic Vision for the Agrarian Institutional Guerrilla
  • Financialization and Capital Accumulation
  • Globalization, Capital Accumulation and the Role of Agriculture
  • Transnational Governance of Agriculture
  • Climate Change and Family Farming: A Confrontation at the Agroecological Frontier
  • Conclusion
  • References


  • Mauro Conti

    University of Calabria, Italy

    Mauro Conti is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calabria, Italy. He works as a consultant on family farming for FAO. He is the past global coordinator of the Secretariat of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty and was serving as president and policy officer at Centro Internazionale Crocevia.

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