COVID-19 and the Future of Capitalism

Postcapitalist Horizons Beyond Neo-Liberalism

By Efe Can Gürcan, Ömer Ersin Kahraman and Selen Yanmaz  

COVID-19 may be an historical turning point for global capitalism. It has revealed the crisis of neoliberal globalization; however, this does not automatically lead to the ultimate defeat of capitalism or its neoliberal incarnation. The authors in this collection posit that a new framework cannot be built on the values and beliefs of current-day consumer capitalist society; resistance in the pandemic age should be based on the values and beliefs that could be the foundation of a new, postcapitalist society. This book formulates a tentative revolutionary program that could take advantage of the COVID-19 environment to defeat and transcend capitalism.

“This is an exceptionally important, well-conceived, very relevant and timely project: a Marxist analysis of the dynamics of global capitalism in conditions of Covid-19.”

— Henry Veltmeyer, Professor Emeritus, Saint Mary’s University, and Professor at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Mexico

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  • COVID-19 in Historical Perspective
  • The Rise of Digital Capitalism: Challenges before and After COVID-19
  • Revisiting the Precariat in a Post-COVID-19 Context
  • Surveillance Capitalism and Social Protest Under Right-Wing Populism
  • Disaster Capitalism and Imperialist Aggression: The Case of US Sinophobia
  • Neoliberalism and Beyond: Is a Reformed Capitalism Possible?
  • Postcapitalist Horizons for the Post-COVID-19 World
  • Conclusion


  • Efe Can Gürcan

    Efe Can Gürcan is the Associate Dean of Research and Development for the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences at Istinye University in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Ömer Ersin Kahraman

    Ömer Ersin Kahraman is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Istinye University in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Selen Yanmaz

    Selen Yanmaz is the Dean of Arts and Scienceat Istinye University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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