What Moves Us

The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination

Edited by Alex Khasnabish and Max Haiven  

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Emerging from the Radical Imagination Project, a social movement research initiative based in Halifax, Canada, What Moves Us? brings together a diverse group of scholar-activists and movement- based thinkers and practitioners to reflect on the relationship between the radical imagination and radical social change. Combining political biography with movement-based histories, these activists provide critical insights into the opportunities and challenges that confront struggles for social justice today.

In original essays and interviews, these radical thinkers from across Canada and beyond contemplate the birth of their own radical consciousness and the political and intellectual commitments that animate their activism.

  • Activism & Social Movements
  • Co-published with Upping the Anti, The Radical Imagination Project
  • ISBN: 9781552669884
  • October 2017
  • 172 Pages
  • $15.00
  • For sale worldwide

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  • Preface: Thinking in Motion (Upping the Anti)
  • Introduction: What moves us (Alex Khasnabish & Max Haiven)
  • Explosive inheritance: Prison Justice, spoken word, fearless love (El Jones)
  • Wars on social reproduction : On feminism, the commons, and joyful militancy (Silvia Federici) )
  • Sticking around in struggle: lessons from and for the long haul (Chris Dixon)
  • No future without us: Capitalist patriarchy and the struggle to liberate mothering (Halifax Motherhood Collective)
  • Prison in the spaces between us: Abolition, austerity, and the possiblity of compassionate containments (Ardyth Whynacht)
  • Passages from the interregnum: Countering austerity and authoritarianism in theory, education, and print (Jerome Roos)
  • Beyond a common dispossession: Deepening transnational anti-colonial and anti-capitalist solidarities (Glen Coulthard)
  • Radical internationalism: Race, colonialism, history (Isaac Saney)
  • Truths my teachers told me: Circulating the histories of our movements (John Munro)
  • Within, Against, and beyond: Urgency and patience in queer anti-capitalist struggles (Gary Kinsman)
  • Be prepared to win: Indigenous struggles and the radical imagination (Sherry Pictou)


  • Alex Khasnabish

    Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University

    Alex Khasnabish is a writer, researcher and teacher committed to collective liberation living in Halifax, on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaw territory. He is a professor in sociology and anthropology at Mount Saint Vincent University. His research focuses on radical imagination, radical politics, social justice and social movements.

  • Max Haiven

    Max Haiven is an activist, writer and teacher working in New York and Halifax.

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