Frequently Asked White Questions

By Ajay Parasram and Alex Khasnabish  

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Are you a white person with questions about how race affects different situations, but you feel awkward, shy or afraid to ask the people of colour in your life? Are you a racialized person who is tired of answering the same questions over and over? This book is for you: a basic guide for people learning about racial privilege. In Frequently Asked White Questions, Drs. Alex Khasnabish and Ajay Parasram answer ten of the most common questions asked of them by people seeking to understand how race structures our every day. Drawing from their lived experiences as well as live sessions of their monthly YouTube series Safe Space for White Questions, the authors offer concise, accessible answers to questions such as, “Is it possible to be racist against white people?” or “Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally?” This book offers a thoughtful and respectful guide for anyone trying to figure out “woke” politics without jargon and judgement.

  • Race & Racism
  • ISBN: 9781773635576
  • Forthcoming November 2022
  • 128 Pages
  • $18.00
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  • Introduction
  • Can you be racist against white people?
  • How can I fix past mistakes without inadvertently making new ones?
  • How does racism relate to other kinds of oppression?
  • How can I make anti-racism part of my family life?
  • How can I talk about social justice without turning people off?
  • What’s the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?
  • Can members of an oppressed group be oppressors as well?
  • How do I avoid being a “white saviour?”
  • How can I be anti-racist in my everyday life?
  • How can we build the world we all deserve?
  • Conclusions, and a Guide to Building a Safe Space for White Questions


  • Ajay Parasram

    Dalhousie University

    Ajay Parasram is a multigenerational transnational byproduct of the British empire, with roots in South Asia, the Caribbean and the settler cities of Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver. He is an associate professor in the Departments of International Development Studies, History and Political Science at Dalhousie University in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), unceded Mi’kma’ki. His research interests surround the colonial present, or the many ways through which strings of historical colonial entanglements continue to tighten the limit of political action today, and how those strings might be undone.

  • Alex Khasnabish

    Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University

    Alex Khasnabish is a writer, researcher and teacher committed to collective liberation living in Halifax, on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaw territory. He is a professor in sociology and anthropology at Mount Saint Vincent University. His research focuses on radical imagination, radical politics, social justice and social movements.

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