Rebellion from the Grassroots to the Global

By Alex Khasnabish  

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In 1994 a guerilla army of Indigenous Mayan peasants in Southeast Mexico emerged and declared ‘Enough!’ to 500 years of colonialism, racism, exploitation, oppression and genocide. The effects of the Zapatista uprising were profound and would be felt beyond the borders of Mexico. At a time when state-sponsored socialism had all but vanished and other elements of the left appeared defeated in the face of neoliberalism’s ascendancy, the Zapatista uprising sparked a powerful new wave of transnational socio-political action. In exploring the movement’s origins, history, structure, aims, political philosophy and possible new directions, Alex Khasnabish provides a critical and comprehensive overview of one of the most important rebel groups in recent history.

“After millions of words exploring and explaining the Zapatistas, Khasnabish’s smart and accessible book provides our best lens yet on the twenty-first century’s most intriguing revolutionaries.”

— Eric Selbin, author of Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance

“A remarkable achievement! Khasnabish has written the clearest, most comprehensive account to date of the origins, innovations, and significance of the Zapatista movement.”

— Jeffrey S. Juris, author of Networking Futures: The Movements Against Corporate Globalization

“This book is a unique testament to the political creativity of the Zapatista movement that has inspired activists and scholars since the 1990s.”

— Thomas Olesen, author of International Zapatismo

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  • “We Are the Product of 500 Years of Resistance”: The Origins of Zapatismo
  • “Everything for Everyone, Nothing for Ourselves”: Zapatismo as Political Philosophy and Political Practice
  • “Never Again a Mexico Without Us”: The National Impact of Zapatismo
  • “A World Made of Many Worlds”: The Transnational Impact of Zapatismo
  • Conclusion: “To Open a Crack in History”
  • References


  • Alex Khasnabish

    Mount Saint Vincent University

    Alex Khasnabish works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His current research explores the connection between the radical imagination and radical social transformation amongst collectives of activists in Halifax. In addition to Zapatistas, Khasnabish is the author of Zapatismo Beyond Borders: New Imaginations of Political Possibility (U of T Press, 2008) as well as several articles and book chapters about contemporary radical politics, social movements, and globalization.

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