Policing Black Lives

State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present

By Robyn Maynard  

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Delving behind Canada’s veneer of multiculturalism and tolerance, Policing Black Lives traces anti-Blackness from the slave ships to the prisons, the classrooms and beyond. Robyn Maynard provides readers with a comprehensive historical and contemporary study of anti-Black racism in Canada, examining the state’s role in perpetuating Black poverty, incarceration, racial profiling, immigration detention, deportation, disproportionate child removal and low graduation rates.

Emerging from a critical race feminist framework that insists that all Black lives matter, Maynard takes care to address the unique and understudied experiences of Black women, shining a light, for the first time, on the ways that Canadian state violence specifically impacts Black women’s lives. She provides an intersectional approach that explores how sexuality, disability, citizenship and gender often further marginalize particular Black populations.

This groundbreaking work challenges popular understandings of race in Canada and demands that we radically transform our ideas about which lives matter.

“Grounded in an impressive and expansive treatment of Black Canadian history, Maynard has written a powerful account of state anti-Black violence in Canada. Empirically rich and theoretically nimble, this work is an outstanding contribution to Black Canadian Studies.”

— Barrington Walker, Queen’s University

  • Race & Racism
  • ISBN: 9781552669792
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  • Forthcoming October 2017
  • 244 Pages
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  • Introduction
  • Devaluing Black Life, Demonizing Black Bodies: Anti-Blackness from Slavery to Segregation
  • The Dark Side of Multiculturalism: (Re)producing Black Economic Subjugations
  • Arrested (In)justice: From the Streets to the Prison
  • From Containment to Banishment: Black Bodies and Border Regulation
  • Misogynoir in Canada: Articulations of State Violence Against Black Women
  • Black Women’s Stories: Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement Violence
  • The (Mis)education of Black Youth
  • Black Youth in Care: State Neglect, “Protection”and Punishment
  • Conclusion: From “Woke” to Free: Imagining Black Futures
  • References
  • Index


  • Robyn Maynard

    Robyn Maynard is a Black feminist writer, grassroots community organizer and intellectual based in Montréal. Her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Montréal Gazette, World Policy Journal and Canadian Women Studies Journal.