Cultural Inclusion

Supporting Children to Value Diversity and Challenge Racial Prejudice

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Cultural Inclusion brings together the knowledge, skills and understanding required for early childhood professionals and parents to respond proactively on issues of racism. Not only does it provide culturally appropriate care and education for children, it also supports equitable access for parents from culturally diverse back-grounds, and a range of programming activities and strategies for all children.

This professional resource includes a 45-minute video (VHS, CD or DVD) and a training manual. It was developed specifically for early childhood educators to use as a stimulus for discussion around issues of inclusion. It delivers programming activities to support all children and describes culturally appropriate care practices.

More information about this material is available from the STTAR Program, the organisation that developed the video. To find out more go to:

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  • Introduction
  • The Purpose of This Project
  • Our Objectives
  • About This Resource Kit
  • Overview of the Manual
  • Guidelines for Trainers
  • The Challenge: Bias Exists in our Society
  • Australia as a Diverse Community
  • Children’s Services Embracing Cultural Inclusion
  • Challenging Bias: Adults Who Care
  • The Important Role of the Early Childhood Professional
  • Our Own Bias
  • Staffing for Diversity
  • Collaboration: Building Relationships with Parents
  • Partnerships with Parents
  • Meeting the Specific Needs of Parents from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds
  • Working with Individual Families
  • The Child’s Understanding of Diversity: A Developmental Approach
  • Exploring the Concept of Similarities and Differences in Developmentally Appropriate Ways
  • The Child’s Perspective
  • Empowering Children to Challenge Racial Prejudice
  • The Commitment: The Journey Towards Inclusive Practices
  • Exploring Diversity in Your Service
  • Cultural Inclusion as a Curriculum—Adopting a Meaningful Approach
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Final Reflection
  • Recommended Resources
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices


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