Islam and Jihad

Prejudice Versus Reality

By A G Noorani  

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This short and accessible rebuts the misconceptions about Islam articulated by many European intellectuals down the centuries. For non-Muslims these still obstruct a clear understanding of both the nature of Islam and the history of Christian/Muslim interactions. Th eauthor demonstrates the very recent politically motivated abd theologically dubious nature of the assertions of so-called Islamic fundamentalist movements. He contrasts them with sociall y progressive Muslim thinkers who have sought to address the inescapable questions of the modern world.

” … suggests a rationally satisfying way of being Muslim in the contemporary world. His analysis echoes the disquiet many muslims feel about fanatical fundamentalism.”

— Professor Ziauddin Sardar, author of The Future of MuslimCivilisation and Introducing Islam

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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Long March of Prejudice
  • The Meanings of Jihad and Fatwa
  • The Very Modern Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism
  • Human Rights in the Islamic Tradition
  • Ijtihad (Reason) and the Challenge of Modernity
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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