A G Noorani

  • The Place of Justice

    By A G Noorani     January 2006

    Justice and its “place” within society are highly contested, both in terms of how they are conceptualized and how they are applied. As citizens, we frequently discuss and debate what it means to live in a just society. We lobby for law reform to seek more or better justice. We participate in protests to raise awareness of social justice. Yet, what is the actual “place” of justice in contemporary society? Drawing from several disciplines–including law, criminology, women’s studies, art, and geography–and interrogating many sites–such as provinces, courtrooms and the street–the authors critically examine law and space. In the process they raise fundamental questions about the equivalency drawn between law and justice in orthodox liberal thought.

  • Cultural Inclusion

    Supporting Children to Value Diversity and Challenge Racial Prejudice

    By A G Noorani     January 2003

    Cultural Inclusion brings together the knowledge, skills and understanding required for early childhood professionals and parents to respond proactively on issues of racism. Not only does it provide culturally appropriate care and education for children, it also supports equitable access for parents from culturally diverse back-grounds, and a range of programming activities and strategies for all children.

  • Islam and Jihad

    Prejudice Versus Reality

    By A G Noorani     December 2001

    This short and accessible rebuts the misconceptions about Islam articulated by many European intellectuals down the centuries. For non-Muslims these still obstruct a clear understanding of both the nature of Islam and the history of Christian/Muslim interactions. Th eauthor demonstrates the very recent politically motivated abd theologically dubious nature of the assertions of so-called Islamic fundamentalist movements. He contrasts them with sociall y progressive Muslim thinkers who have sought to address the inescapable questions of the modern world.