Passing Through

End-of-Life Decisions for Lesbians and Gay Men

By Jeanette A. Auger  

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In June 2001, Nova Scotia became the third province to pass legislation that permits same-sex couples to legally register their relationship in order to benefit from similar legal obligations as common-law heterosexual couples. Yet despite this new legislation’s aim to advance equal rights, end-of-life decisions for gays and lesbians remain difficult. Jeannette Auger examines how closeted relationships and the history of discrimination have led many partners to dismiss making decisions about end-of-life issues. This book outlines what partners need to consider to assert their legal rights when necessary.

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  • Preface
  • Methodology
  • A Review of Same-sex Legislation on the International Scene
  • A Review of the History of Same-sex Legislation in Canada
  • Overview of the Federal and Provincial legislation Covering Same-sex Relationships
  • What are End-of-Life Issues?
  • Data Overview
  • The Debate Around Registering Same-Sex Relationships
  • What Sorts of End-of-Life Decisions did Lesbians and Gay Men Make?
  • Concluding Remarks


  • Jeanette A. Auger

    Acadia University

    Jeanette A. Auger is a professor emeritus and adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology at Acadia University.

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