Losing Me, While Losing You

Caregivers Share Their Experiences of Supporting Friends and Family with Dementia

By Jeanette A. Auger, Diane Tedford-Litle and Brenda Wallace-Allen  Foreword by Janice Keefe  Read by Vickie Papavs  

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Losing Me, While Losing You is a long-needed resource to those providing care for people living with dementia — and for those providing care to the caregivers. In this book, caregivers speak from their own experiences of caring for loved ones with dementia; they cover when they first noticed behavioural changes, what they did and how their roles changed when they received the diagnosis, how the experiences changed their perceptions of themselves, especially in cases where important ones no longer recognized them or their, often long-standing, relationships. The caregivers also talked about what resources, if any, were available to support them through the caregiving journey and what recommendations they would make to government policymakers and to others in similar situations. This book is unique in that it documents the personal lived experience of loss which family, friends and caregivers go through as their roles, expectations and images of self are changed throughout the caregiving process.

  • Health & Illness
  • ISBN: 9781773634845
  • September 2021
  • 224 Pages
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  • March 2023
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  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Relations with people with Dementia
  • Caregiver Strategies
  • Conclusion


  • Jeanette A. Auger

    Acadia University

    Jeanette A. Auger is a professor emeritus and adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology at Acadia University.

  • Diane Tedford-Litle

    Diane Tedford-Litle is a women’s activist and former palliative care volunteer with the Victorian Order of Nurses in Nova Scotia. She has volunteered with a number of organizations including the Seniors Network, the Hospice Consultation Committee and the Gerontology Association of Nova Scotia.

  • Brenda Wallace-Allen

    Brenda Wallace-Allen is an instructor at Nova Scotia Community College.

  • Janice Keefe

    Mount Saint Vincent University

    Janice Keefe is a professor of Family Studies and Gerontology, Director NS Centre on Aging, Mount Saint Vincent University

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