Scott Neigh - Talking Radical

We just had copies of not one, but two, new books by Canadian writer and activist, Scott Neigh in his series called, Talking Radical.

Using the first-hand accounts of political activists, Resisting the State and Gender and Sexuality provide readers with an alternate Canadian history — or histories — that remains largely untold today, thanks to the simplified national history taught in schools today. Neigh’s books are a social histories of our country and the struggles and movements that helped to shape it. Totally unique in Canada, Resisting the State and Gender and Sexuality are mandatory reading for readers concerned with social justice, activism or who have ever taken the freedoms we enjoy today for granted.

“This work is a treasure that provides a portal to Canadian history, bringing it alive and urgent through the voices and profound insights of veteran social justice activists, an indispensable guide for present and future generations to carry on these struggles.” — Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, veteran activist and author

“Never doubt that a few committed people can change Canada (and the world) for the better. Scott Neigh’s oral histories show not only the power of committed idealism, but also how the history of our whole country has been shaped in large part by brave Canadians who refuse to accept the misery and injustice that surrounds us. Read these books to learn how the history of social change organizing is indeed the history of Canada — and then go out and start making your own history.” — Jim Stanford, union economist and peace activist

Posted on August 27th, 2012

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