Olga Fernandez Rios endorsement of Cuba and its Neighbours

Cuba and Its Neighbours
Democracy in Motion

By Arnold August  

“Arnold August’s book Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion is without doubt a publishing achievement that merits the largest dissemination and analysis, given its serious contribution to the scope of Cuban studies carried out in other countries. In contrast to other publications that confine themselves to a highly opinionated approach, August reveals the results of a profound investigation based on different scientific methods, which include, among others, interviews with a wide spectrum of Cubans who brought forward different points of view; fieldwork in scenarios where people’s participation develops; and, finally, the analysis of documents that provide the legal imprint and juridical order to Cuban socio-political life.

Based on a clear and precise language, August analyzes Cuban reality by plunging into the Caribbean island’s political system and its innovative mechanisms of democratic practice, which, in the main, are not known outside of Cuba. This ignorance has facilitated the proliferation of distortions whose objective is to delegitimize the Cuban Revolution. The book contributes to undoing these misrepresentations by divulging the diversified facets of the development of democracy in Cuba and one of its most important qualities: the continual striving for empowerment by sectors of the people at the base.

We are sure that this book will be very well welcomed by those readers interested in serious and profound analyses of contemporary alternative processes that seek a more just and equitable social order.”

– Dr. Olga Fernández Ríos, Researcher, Instituto de Filosofía, Havana, Associate Professor of Philosophical Sciences, University of Havana

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