Jae S. Choi, Research Scientist, DFO

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
An Investigation into the Scapegoating of Canada’s Grey Seal

By Linda Pannozzo  

The author succeeds in presenting a well researched, satisfyingly balanced treatment of the controversial relationships that exist between cod, seals and humans. It is presented in a well written and clear manner that is accessible to both a lay and scientific audience. In the selection of ideas presented in this frank narrative, she demonstrates an incisive understanding of the core issues at hand that are sometimes viscerally uncomfortable. Most importantly, she highlights the very important role that our values play in altering our perception of these relationships and our need to move beyond such biases. In so doing, she calls us to action, to instead come to terms with the much more important and difficult task at hand of re-negotiating and re-envisioning our relationship with our world and our selves. I hope this book is read by many, especially our youth, to whom we pass the torch as stewards of a fragile yet hopeful future. - Jae S. Choi, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

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