Atlantic Books Today on Tailings of Warren Peace

Author and social activist Stephen Law has woven a first-rate thriller that both entertains and prods readers to ask questions about the politics of wealth. The entertainment comes from a fast-paced plot that ricochets from the streets of Toronto to the mines of Cape Breton and the mountains of Guatemala as the story’s reluctant hero Warren Peace seeks justice from a corrupt gold mining company for the victims of a hushed-up tragedy. However, it is impossible to write this book off as merely a good read, to be forgotten once finished. Instead, the story asks–no demands–that readers consider big questions about the human and environmental costs of mining, and about the individual’s power to effect change. The ending is both satisfying and realistic, offering a measure of closure but also a sense that while there are no easy solutions, we all have the power to make a difference.

–Kate Watson, Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2013

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