Tailings of Warren Peace

By Stephen Law  

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A corrupt mining company, repossessed gravestones, a man’s fractured past, mysterious notes posted to lampposts and murder deep in the highlands of Guatemala. In Tailings of Warren Peace, Stephen Law effortlessly weaves these elements into a powerful story of love and memory, exploring how the past haunts us and how solidarity can save us all. Mysterious, passionate and powerful, Tailings of Warren Peace shows us the interconnections that exist between us, transcending social class, culture and geography.

“Tailings of Warren Peace is a gripping tale that eerily reflects a disturbing reality in global politics. It takes the reader on a scintillating and mysterious journey that twists and turns from Canada to Guatemala, war to peace, and loss to love. This book is a celebration of the human spirit.”

— Garry Leech, author of Beyond Bogota

“Tailings of Warren Peace manages to wind disparate threads into a ripping yarn, wound around personal stories … While the characters and the situations may be fictional, they bring to light truths too often kept hidden, telling of the depth of disruption and corruption engendered by mining companies’ insatiable need to profit from the Earth’s riches and the workers who extract them … A great read.”

— Jamie Kneen, MiningWatch Canada

Roseway Publishing
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  • ISBN: 9781552665954
  • March 2013
  • $19.99
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  • ISBN: 9781552667040
  • March 2013
  • For sale worldwide

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  • Stephen Law

    STEPHEN LAW is a writer, ecological farmer and social activist as well as an internationally accredited trainer and coach in Conflict Mediation and a skilled facilitator. He has worked on campaigns exposing the impacts of mining on communities in Canada and Latin America and worked for a year as an international accompanier supporting human rights activists in Colombia. He has two young daughters and lives with his partner in Kennetcook, Nova Scotia.

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