Boom, Bust and Crisis

Labour, Corporate Power and Politics in Canada

Edited by John Peters  

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Over the past decade, Canadians have experienced wild economic swings: an economic boom followed by massive layoffs in traditional industries and a wrenching economic crisis. What have these changes meant for Canadian workers? Bad jobs? Weaker unions? Worsening health? If so, why?

Boom, Bust, and Crisis addresses these questions by surveying how work has changed across Canada, from the auto and steel industries of Ontario, to the tar sands of Northern Alberta and First Nations casinos in Saskatchewan. This edited collection explains the massive lay-offs in unionized manufacturing industries, the expansion of low-wage work and the rise of increasingly aggressive employers by critically examining Canada’s political economy and assessing the impact of government policy and labour market deregulation on Canada’s workers. The book also explores the recent policy changes to employment standards and health and safety protection in the context of neoliberal globalization. Written by leading political scientists, sociologists and journalists in concise, accessible language, this volume provides a rich and vibrant assessment of why some businesses have boomed while others have failed and why, through it all, Canadian workers have paid the price.

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  • This is an excellent volume that not only offers critical engagement with the contemporary economic and political structure in Canada and beyond, but also provides many practical alternatives and suggestions for the current labour movement in strengthening its position and worker rights in Canada.

    — Christine McLaughlin (full review)

  • Review in Socialist Studies


  • Boom, Bust, and Crisis: Canadian Labour in 21st Century Canada (John Peters)
  • Free Markets, and the Decline of Unions and Good Jobs in Canada (John Peters)
  • The Spoils of the Tar Sands: Profits, Work, and Labour in Alberta (Diana Gibson & Regan Boychuk)
  • Boom, Bust, and Bluster: Newfoundland and Labrador’s “Oil Boom” and Its Impact on Labour (Sean T. Cadigan)
  • Steel City Meltdown: Hamilton and the Changing Canadian Steel Industry (Stephen R. Arnold)
  • The “Biggest Roll Back of Worker Rights in Canadian History”: The Campbell Government and Labour Market Deregulation in British Columbia (David Fairey, Tom Sandborn & John Peters)
  • Wither the ‘Quebec Model’? Boom, Bust, and Quebec Labour (Peter Graefe)
  • Indigenous Workers, Casino Development, and Union Organizing (Yale D. Belanger)
  • Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario (Wayne Lewchuk, Marlea Clarke & Alice de Wolff)


  • John Peters

    JOHN PETERS teaches in the Department of Political Science at Laurentian University

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