Reviewed in the Telegraph Journal

Down But Not Out
Community and the Upper Streets in Halifax, 1890-1914

By David Hood  

“It looks like one of Nimbus Publishing’s Images of our Past Historic books, but Down But Not Out couldn’t be farther from those wholesome, feel-good recollections. And it’s all the more riveting for it. Saint Mary’s University professor David Hood provides a refreshing take on Atlantic history by attempting to “reconstruct the pattern of life at the bottom of Halifax society” from 1890-1914. The history of extreme poverty across Canada is lacking and Hood shows it’s possible to fix this oversight. Halifax in particular provides a unique case study. With a military and seafaring tradition, alcohol and brothels were a reality stretching from Citadel Hill to the piers. As such, local responses to poverty, destitution and crime were forward-thinking. Hood’ findings, if a bit academic, are always surprising and illuminate the success and failure of modern social care.” - Mike Landry, Telegraph Journal, 13 March 2010

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