Reviewed in Canadian Dimension

Authors D.W. Livingstone, Dorothy, E. Smith (both sociologists) and Warren Smith (retired steelworker and former local union president) examine the last forty years at the Stelco (now U.S. Steel) Hilton Works steel plant in Hamilton, Ontario in an effort to shed light on the effects of the global steel decline not only on local steelworkers, but also on the steel sector and Canadian manufacturing in general. They have put together a case study which succeeds at providing important insights into the dynamics of the capitalist mode of production and its continual restructuring of industries in response to overcapacity and crisis, often resulting in labour displacement and other major structural and organizational changes.

Manufacturing Meltdown is an especially timely foray into the subject in view of the current battle at Hilton Works between U.S. Steel and the United Steelworkers of American Local 1005. Contract negtiations originally stalled when local 1005 refused the proposed changes to their pension program, and the resulting lockout has been ongoing since November 2010.-Ashley Titterton, Canadian Dimension, Volume 45 No3, May/June 2011.

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