Living in the Kitchen With Puppies reviews Wake The Stone Man

I am Canadian. And Canada is big. I have always lived in or near Toronto and, like many city/suburban Canadians, felt that I was somewhat lacking in true Canadian experience or knowledge.

Wake the Stone Man, apart from being a powerful coming of age novel with deeply affected characters in turbulent times, gave me a glimpse into Northern life. Rougher, tougher, sometimes dirtier, sometimes more pure. Different. And real.

This book is profoundly readable, even when it is uncomfortable. I drank in every word and was affected by every page. I learned about certain Canadian history - the good, the bad, the horrendous. From what seemed like a first person perspective. You live this book while you read it. And that is the best kind of book there is.

Who should read it? Every Canadian. Every woman. Every First Nations person. Everyone.

— Living in the Kitchen With Puppies

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