Roseway Submissions Guidelines

Roseway Publishing is an imprint of Fernwood Publishing and publishes literary works related to social injustices and the struggles involved in making the world a better place. We publish works of fiction, creative non-fiction, biographies and other literary writing that is in keeping with our interest in social justice issues.

Roseway Publishing is primarily interested in publishing for an adult audience but publishes young adult material as well. We tend not to publish children’s literature or poetry.

If your book idea or manuscript fits with Roseway’s publishing mandate, prepare a proposal following the guidelines below.

Proposals should be submitted to

Your proposal must include the following:

  1. A cover letter with a current mailing address, phone number and email address.

  2. A synopsis of the book. • For fiction, include information on aspects such as characters, plot and point of view. Do not worry about giving away the ending — we are reviewing the manuscript not reading for pleasure. • For creative non-fiction, provide a synopsis, a tentative table of contents and explain the overall message of your book. • For memoir, provide an argument for why your story is different from the hundreds of stories out there and explain the greater social and political context of your story.

  3. Indicate the intended audience. Be specific — publishers target particular markets and we expect that you have written with an audience in mind.

  4. A description of the social justice issues that your book addresses. Again, be specific and give examples of how you do this.

  5. A short bio of yourself, including your writing experience. If you have review comments from authors who have read your work, include them. It’s good to see that others have read your work and provided feedback.

  6. An overview of how you would contribute to the promotion and marketing of your book. The reality is that small presses rely heavily on the work of authors to promote and sell their own books. If you are not prepared to do that it’s best that we know that up front.

  7. Two or three sample chapters. You can submit a complete manuscript but items 1–6 must also be included with your manuscript.

Be patient — it can take up to six months to respond to a submission. If you want to be notified that we have received your proposal or manuscript be sure to include your email address.

Due to the number of proposals we receive, if your submission is not selected for publication we are unable to provide a critique of your manuscript.

Thank you for your interest in Roseway Publishing.