Maternity Rolls Book Launch - June 7, 2010

Author Heather Kuttai stopped by McNally Robinson to celebrate the release of her groundbreaking book, Maternity Rolls. Heather’s appearance was part of her cross-Canadian book tour and Winnipeggers gave her a welcome most warm.

Hearing Heather speak was quite an experience; it was impossible not to get absorbed in her intelligence and passion or to be unmoved by her emotional, incredible story.

Heather talked about the car accident that left her spinal-cord injured at age 6, how she remembers thinking she would never be “pretty” or “feminine.” She spoke of her marriage and pregnancies, and the jaw-droppingly ignorant, hurtful remarks made by others. Perhaps carrying the most emotional weight was Heather’s anger and frustration at our society - a society which overlooks and de-humanizes people living with a disability. Even the word itself, “disability,” exposes this underlying oppression in our society.

Heather’s story, and her call for change, is one that needs to be heard.


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