Victoria Writers Festival: Advocacy Through Story

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From the organizers:

"To achieve the goal of gender equality and empowerment of WG2STGD+ peoples (Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit, Transgender, and Gender-Diverse+), our voices must be included. In Canada, Indigenous women are recognized as stewards of traditional knowledge systems, holding fundamental roles in maintaining and preserving knowledge over generations. These knowledge systems showcase the resilience of Indigenous peoples and the relationship we have with Mother Earth. It’s even more important now, during today’s concurrent climate and biodiversity crisis, to lift up the voices that advocate for Indigenous knowledge, land and water rights, and the development of sustainable, culturally relevant policy change. Join us to learn shared knowledge from four powerful Indigenous women.

This panel showcases Indigenous leaders who create movement and change through activism, literature, and performance. They’ve recognized that remaining silent about injustice isn’t an option and their work on complex problems offers sensible solutions for real change. We are honoured today to provide another platform for these Indigenous women to advocate for the rights and freedoms of all Indigenous peoples through story.

Moderated by Jace Meyer

Curated by Nadya Comeau and Katrina Philpotts."

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