Cuba–U.S. Relations: Toronto Launch

  • Date: September 28, 2017
  • Starts: 6:30pm – Ends: 9:30pm
  • Location: A Different Booklist
  • Address: 779 Bathurst, Toronto, ON

All are invited to the Toronto launch of Arnold August’s latest book: Cuba–U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond. The evening will feature a panel discussion with Arnold August, Keith Ellis, Julio Fonseca, and moderated by Elizabeth Hill.

About the book: Against the background of the history of Cuba–U.S. interconnectedness and in light of Obama’s ini­tiative and Trump’s election, Arnold August deals with the relationship between the two countries, delving into past and current U.S. aggression against Cuba’s artistic field, ideology and politics. Based on twenty years of fieldwork in and investigation of Cuba, this book provides a unique perspective on the island’s diverse approaches to the cultural war being waged by the U.S. and illustrates the heterogeneous nature of Cuban society.

“Arnold August brings to the task his finest gift, his superbly developed talent as a journalist, understanding this to mean the habit of assessing different aspects and representations of reality, so that he offers an ultimate fairness to the reasonable and humane reader. August constantly exhibits a related attribute: his remarkable power of analysis. The two together make the experience of reading him an enlightening one.” — Keith Ellis

“This book could not have been more timely. With Fidel Castro’s death focusing outside attention on Cuba’s future and with Trump’s election throwing U.S.–Cuban “normalization” into question, Arnold August contests the common assumptions and public rhetoric about Cuban politics and about that ‘normalization.’” — Antoni Kapcia, University of Nottingham

“August provides the reader with a bridge across time and nations to understand the changes that have led to the “normalization” of Cuba–U.S. relations and serves as a guide to the Trump future.” — Helen Yaffe, London School of Economics

“Here at last for English-speaking readers is a full overview of U.S. relations with Cuba from Cuban points of view. The book is essential background for understanding whatever President Trump has in store.” — Cliff DuRand, Morgan State University

Endorsed by: Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) Canada–Cuba Friendship Association CCFA, Toronto Asociación de Cubanos en Toronto “Juan Gualberto Gómez” The Worker to Worker, Canada–Cuba Solidarity Network

Co-sponsored by A Different Booklist.

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