Book Series

  • Small Guides to Big Issues

    Each book in the Small Guides to Big Issues series will introduce the reader to the global challenges of the twenty-first century in a manner that avoids the jargon of many theoretical texts. The books in this series de-bunk myths and raise questions about the global economic and political system and how it works. Produced in partnership with Pluto Press, they are designed for campaigners and activists, students and researchers, and anyone interested in looking behind the headlines.

  • The Basics

    Titles in The Basics series typically deal with social, economic, or political issues relevant to present-day Canada. Succinct and inexpensive, these books provide a concise overview of contemporary issues and are ideal for the general reader or for use as supplementary texts in university and college courses. As of spring 2008, our collection of Basics titles has grown to more than thirty.

  • The Socialist Register

    Co-edited by Leo Panitch and Colin Leys, each annual volume of the Socialist Register is constructed around a particular topical theme, with an underlying focus on human rights and internationalism. Cited as the “intellectual lodestone of the international Left,” the Socialist Register has become known for its consistent, rigorous investigations into contemporary issues in capitalist society.

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