Research & Theory

  • Adorno’s Critique of Political Economy

    The Structural Inequities of Capitalism, from Lehman Brothers to Covid-19

    By Dirk Braunstein  Translated by Adam Baltner     Forthcoming September 2023

    The most comprehensive account of the historical development of Adorno’s concept of economy and his critique of political economy.

  • Kaandossiwin, 2nd Edition

    How We Come to Know: Indigenous Re-Search Methodologies

    By Kathleen E. Absolon (Minogiizhigokwe)     May 2022

    Kaandossiwin renders Indigenous research methodologies visible and helps to guard other ways of knowing from colonial repression in academia.

  • Making Sense of Society

    Power and Possibility

    By Alex Khasnabish     May 2022

    A fresh and radical approach to introducing social thought to undergraduate social science students, Making Sense of Society reflects the excitement and verve of a field in transition.

  • Unravelling Research

    The Ethics and Politics of Research in the Social Sciences

    Edited by Teresa Macías  Afterword by Sherene H. Razack     May 2022

    A bold and urgent intervention that grapples with the ethics and politics of social science research practice, focussing on ethical challenges and dilemmas faced by marginalized scholars and researchers committed to equity and social justice.

  • Restless Ideas

    Contemporary Social Theory in an Anxious Age

    By Tony Simmons     April 2020

    Tony Simmons illustrates how social theory provides us with the skills for more informed observation, analysis and empathic understanding of social behaviour and social interaction.

  • Research for Social Justice, 2nd Edition

    A Community-Based Participatory Approach

    By Adje van de Sande and Karen Schwartz     October 2017

  • One-Dimensional Man 50 Years On

    The Struggle Continues

    Edited by Terry Maley     April 2017

    One-Dimensional Man 50 Years On contains a diverse collection of essays on the legacy of Herbert Marcuse and the relevance of his thought for the 21st century. The contributors to the volume — both established and upcoming academics and activists — critically explore the applicability, as well as the limitations, of Marcuse’s seminal work to the current political conjuncture. It should be of interest to both scholars of critical theory and Left activists of all types.

  • Doing Respectful Research

    Power, Privilege and Passion

    By Susan Tilley     May 2016

    Doing Respectful Research is situated within a critical, feminist postmodern framework and addresses the complexities of conducting respectful qualitative research with human participants. Three themes intersect and inform chapter discussions: developing a critical reflexivity, understanding the distance dynamic and engaging in respectful research praxis. The text illustrates how power, privilege and passion influence decisions about what gets researched, who is positioned as researcher or participant and how data are collected, analyzed and ultimately represented in public ways.

  • Statistics for Social Justice

    A Structural Perspective

    By Adje van de Sande and Christie Byvelds     September 2015

    In Statistics for Social Justice: A Structural Perspective, van de Sande and Byvelds argue that social work research, including statistics, should be taught from a structural perspective and should follow anti-oppressive principles, which view the problems experienced by people as rooted in the social, political and economic structures of society.

  • Revitalizing the Classics

    What Past Social Theorists Can Teach Us Today

    By Tony Simmons     February 2013

    Revitalizing the Classics is a lively introductory text that relates classical social theories to contemporary social events.