• The People’s Co-op

    The Life and Times of a North End Institution

    By Nancy Kardash and Jim Mochoruk     January 2000

    Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s Northend, the most class-conscious and ethnically diverse part of the city, the People’s Co-op was always a different kind of institution. Founded and then successfully run for over sixty years by members of Winnipeg’s vibrant left-wing Eastern-European community, this co-op mixed Marx, milk and the masses into a heady brew of social activism and co-operative enterprise.

  • Myth, Migration and the Making of Memory

    Scotia and Nova Scotia, c.1700-1990

    Edited by Marjory Harper and Michael E. Vance     January 1999

    The essays in this volume, which are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, challenge us to consider critically the commonly held assumption that Nova Scotia is essentially Scottish in character. They do so by exploring the origin of the mythic understanding of the link between Scotland and Nova Scotia, by expanding the examination of Scottish influences from the customary focus on Highland migrants to also include mercantile, philanthropic and professional transatlantic connections, and by studying how the memory of the links between the sending and receiving societies has been maintained in the oral and literary traditions. Rather than denying the legitimacy of popular perceptions, this collection points to the varied and complex transatlantic relationship that has existed between Scotland and Nova Scotia and provides the foundation for a broader, more sophisticated, approach to this rich subject.

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  • Challenge and Change

    A History Of The Dalhousie School Of Nursing, 1949-1989

    By Peter Twohig     December 1997

    Challenge and Change offers an innovative perspective on Dalhousie University School of Nursing’s first four decades of growth and transition. This book draws on rich archival sources and oral interviews to critically examine the school. Its analysis is highly relevant to contemporary debates within the history of nursing and the education of nurse practitioners. Most importantly, this book situates university nursing schools within their many and varied contexts of community, health care and university. Co-published with Dalhousie

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  • Japan at Century’s End

    Changes, Challenges and Choices

    Edited by Hugh Millward and James H. Morrison     January 1997

    A timely compilation of 21 essays on the wide range of issues confronting Japan in the late 1990s. The authors provide a mainly Canadian perspective on domestic and international politics, the economy, business, technology, social issues, the environment, and more. The six major sections are introduced by the editors, and a comprehensive index allows cross-referencing of all topics.

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  • L’sitkuk

    The Story of the Bear River Mi’kmaw Community

    By Darlene A. Ricker     January 1997

    L’sitkuk (pronounced elsetkook) is the original name for the Bear River Mi’kmaw community, which is part of the Mi’kmaw First Nation. Nestled close to the Bear River watershed, this tiny native community is regaining its culture, language and identity after hundreds of years of colonialism and assimilation. Living in the area for thousands of years, they were among the first people in Canada to have continuous contact with non-natives.

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    A Roseway Book
  • Letters to Levi

    A Young Fisherman’s Mail

    Edited by Joan Stephenson     January 1991

    “These letters to Levi are a rare find. Not only are they a delight to read, they are also an invitation to search for further buried treasures of correspondence, particularly in long-settled communities where extended family patterns remain unbroken. The reading public, avid readers of local history, and a broad academic community will join to applaud Roseway for the publication of these letters by people who lived in Nova Scotia’s vital South Shore fishing communities.” –Dr. Ken MacKinnon, Professor of English, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, N.S.

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    A Roseway Book