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    • Rethinking Who We Are

      Critical Reflections on Human Diversity in Canada

      Edited by Jessica Pulis and Paul Angelini     Forthcoming June 2019

      Rethinking Who We Are takes a non-conventional approach to understanding human difference in Canada.

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    • Politics Rules

      Power, Globalization and Development

      By Adam Sneyd     Forthcoming May 2019

      In this concise volume, Adam Sneyd argues that it is imperative to understand the sub-field of development politics. He shows how the hard skill of careful political analysis can shed new light on some of today’s most intractable development challenges.

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    • Dis/Consent

      Perspectives on Sexual Consent and Sexual Violence

      Edited by KelleyAnne Malinen     Forthcoming May 2019

      Refusing to reduce intersectionality to a hasty footnote, this volume examines the construction of sexual violence and consent at diverse intersections of identity and includes a diversity of perspectives and positionalities rarely found in conversations about sexual violence and sexual consent.

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    • Mindfulness and Its Discontents

      Education, Self, and Social Transformation

      By David Forbes     Forthcoming May 2019

      “Extending and deepening the McMindfulness critique, David Forbes takes a fearless stance by peeling away the self-centered, hedonic façade and rhetorical muddle of the Minefulness Industrial Complex.” — Ron E. Purser, author of Handbook of Mindfulness and McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality.

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    • Papergirl

      By Melinda McCracken  With Penelope Jackson     April 2019

      Ten-year-old Cassie lives with her working-class family in 1919 Winnipeg. The Great War and Spanish Influenza have taken their toll, and workers in the city are frustrated with low wages and long hours. When they orchestrate a general strike, Cassie — bright, determined and very bored at school — desperately wants to help.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Magnificent Fight

      The Winnipeg General Strike

      By Dennis Lewycky     April 2019

      Far from a simple retelling of the General Strike, Magnificent Fight speaks to the power of workers’ solidarity and social organization. The book reveals the length the capitalist class and the state went to in protecting the status quo.

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    • Under the Bridge

      By Anne Bishop     April 2019

      “Bishop’s skillful use of language and style, though subtle and unobtrusive, captured the very essence of being homeless, of living in poverty, devoid of hope. I was inside the story from beginning to end. I became informed without being preached at. I was brought inside the lives of those who are disenfranchised and lost, and I witnessed the human will to survive.” — Wendi Stewart, judge for the 2016 H.R. (Bill) Percy Novel Prize

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      A Roseway Book
    • Civilization Critical

      Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future

      By Darrin Qualman     April 2019

      “A thoughtful and thoroughly documented analysis of the runaway train we are all aboard. Anyone worried about the track ahead should read it. Those not worried should read it more than once.” —Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress

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    • The Class Politics of Law

      Essays Inspired by Harry Glasbeek

      Edited by Judy Fudge and Eric Tucker     March 2019

      The Class Politics of Law brings together eleven incisive contributions from pre-eminent scholars across several disciplines activated by the same desire for democracy and justice that Glasbeek advances, showing how capitalism shapes the law and how the law protects capitalism. This collection foregrounds a class analysis of the law’s responses to corporate killing, workplace violence, surveillance, worker resistance and income inequality, among other issues.

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    • Cracking Labour’s Glass Ceiling

      Transforming Lives through Women’s Union Education

      By Cindy Hanson, Adriane Paavo and Sisters in Labour Education     March 2019

      This original collection is a vibrant, modern history of women-only labour education events.

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