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    • Critical Perspectives on Social Control and Social Regulation in Canada

      Edited by Mitch Daschuk, Carolyn Brooks and James Popham     Forthcoming April 2020

      Critical Perspectives on Social Control and Social Regulation in Canada is an introduction to the sociology of what has traditionally been called deviance and conformity. This book shifts the focus from individuals labelled deviant to the political and economic processes that shape marginalization, power and exclusion.

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    • Restless Ideas

      Contemporary Social Theory in an Anxious Age

      By Tony Simmons     Forthcoming January 2020

      Tony Simmons illustrates how social theory provides us with the skills for more informed observation, analysis and empathic understanding of social behaviour and social interaction.

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    • The Desirable Sister

      By Taslim Burkowicz     Forthcoming November 2019

      “Presented like a kaleidoscopic tapestry, we watch with fascination as Gia and Serena come of age and emerge from the grip of race and colour to become independent young women. Taslim Burkowicz is a masterful storyteller of intimate details that are surprising and sometimes shocking.”

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    • Beyond Market Dystopia

      New Ways of Living

      Edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo     Forthcoming November 2019

      How can we build a future with better health and homes, respecting people and the environment?

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    • Reconciliation in Practice

      A Cross-Cultural Perspective

      Edited by Ranjan Datta     Forthcoming November 2019

      Reconciliation in Practice reminds us that reconciliation is an ongoing process, not an event, and that decolonizing our relationships and building new ones based on understanding and respect is empowering for all of us — Indigenous, settler, immigrant and refugee alike.

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    • The Daughter Who Walked Away

      By Kimia Eslah     Forthcoming November 2019

      A powerful and beautiful debut novel by Kimia Eslah, The Daughter Who Walked Away explores the lives of three Iranian women, across three generations, as they struggle to love and be loved unconditionally

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    • Thirty Years of Failure

      Understanding Canadian Climate Policy

      By Robert MacNeil     Forthcoming November 2019

      How did Canada go from climate leader to climate villain?

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    • When Poverty Mattered

      Then and Now

      By Paul Weinberg     October 2019

      Founded in Toronto in 1968, the Praxis Corporation was a progressive research institute mandated to spark political discussion about a range of social issues, such as poverty, homelessness, anti-war activism, community activism and worker organization. Deemed a radical threat by the Canadian state, Praxis was put under RCMP surveillance. In 1970, Praxis’s office was burgled and burned to the ground.

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    • Holocaust to Resistance, My Journey

      By Suzanne Berliner Weiss     October 2019

      A powerful, awe-inspiring memoir from author and activist Suzanne Berliner Weiss.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Development in Latin America

      Toward a New Future

      By Maristella Svampa     September 2019

      In Development in Latin America, Maristella Svampa explores the contemporary development and resistance dynamics of capitalist development — the workings (on people and societies) of the world capitalist system — in the context of Latin America, where these dynamics have had their most notable outcomes.

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