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    • Critical Development Studies

      An Introduction

      By Henry Veltmeyer and Raúl Delgado Wise     Forthcoming October 2018

      The first book in the Critical Development Studies is a searing expose of the whole development industry. It is an introduction to the critical approach to development focusing on the needs of people rather than the pursuit of profit.

    • Ohpikiihaakan-ohpihmeh (Raised somewhere else)

      A 60s Scoop Adoptee’s Story of Coming Home

      By Colleen Cardinal     Forthcoming June 2018

      The personal story of a 60s scoop survivor — the loss, the trauma and the journey to heal.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Racism and Anti-Racism in Canada

      Edited by David Este, Liza Lorenzetti and Christa Sato     Forthcoming June 2018

      This introductory book was planned and written specifically as an introduction to racism and anti-racism. It is conspicuously activist and advocates anti-racism within the parameters of sound academic research. The authors do not see a contradiction between strong research and calls to action to create a non-racist society.

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    • Doug Knockwood, Mi’kmaw Elder

      Stories, Memories, Reflections

      By Doug Knockwood     Forthcoming May 2018

      This is a personal story of how one man overcame the ravages of colonialism, racism, tuberculosis and alcoholism to become an honoured and respected Elder.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Policing Indigenous Movements

      Dissent and the Security State

      By Andrew Crosby and Jeffrey Monaghan     Forthcoming May 2018

      A comprehensive examination of the security state’s extensive surveillance of Indigenous struggles for land and autonomy.

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    • Coming Back to Jail

      Women, Trauma, and Criminalization

      By Elizabeth Comack     Forthcoming May 2018

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    • Legalizing Theft

      A Short Guide to Tax Havens

      By Alain Deneault  Translated by Catherine Browne     April 2018

      When our infrastructures deteriorate, when social benefits are frozen, when our living conditions are precarious, it is because of tax havens. A source of growing inequalities and colossal tax losses, the use of tax havens by large corporations and wealthy individuals explains austerity policies. Moreover, states have legalized these offshore schemes that contravene the very principle of taxation.

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    • Big Island, Small

      By Maureen St. Clair     April 2018

      Big Island, Small is a story of intimacy and friendship between two Caribbean/Canadian women with similar, yet vastly different, backgrounds who must dismantle their assumptions and biases around race, class, gender and sexuality in order to make amends with violent pasts, release shame, find joy and reconnect with themselves and each other.

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    • Labour Under Attack

      Anti-Unionism in Canada

      Edited by Stephanie Ross and Larry Savage     April 2018

      This multi-disciplinary edited collection critically examines the causes and effects of anti-unionism in Canada. Primarily through a series of case studies, the book’s contributors document and expose the tactics and strategies of employers and anti-labour governments while also interrogating some of the labour movement’s own practices as a source of anti-union sentiment among workers.

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    • No Choice

      The 30-Year Fight for Abortion on Prince Edward Island

      By Kate McKenna     April 2018

      In No Choice, Kate McKenna offers a firsthand account of Prince Edward Island’s refusal to bring abortion services to the Island, and introduces us to the courageous women who struggled for over thirty years to change this.

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