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    • To Be A Water Protector

      The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers

      By Winona LaDuke     Forthcoming July 2020

      Winona LaDuke is a leader in cultural-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy, sustainable food systems and Indigenous rights. To Be a Water Protector, explores issues that have been central to her activism for many years — sacred Mother Earth, our despoiling of Earth and the activism at Standing Rock and opposing Line 3.

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    • Canada In The World

      Settler Capitalism and the Colonial Imagination

      By Tyler A. Shipley     Forthcoming June 2020

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    • Blood and Money

      War, Slavery and the State

      With David McNally     Forthcoming June 2020

      David McNally reveals the true story of money’s origins and development as one of violence and human bondage.

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    • The Socialist Challenge Today

      Syriza, Corbyn, Sanders, New Expanded Edition

      By Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin  With Stephen Maher     Forthcoming May 2020

      In what direction should the left move in the 21st century?

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    • The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism

      Lessons From Bolivia

      By Ben M. McKay     Forthcoming May 2020

      Using the neo-extractivist model, The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism analyzes how the Bolivian countryside is transformed by the development and expansion of the soy complex and reveals the extractive dynamics of capitalist industrial agriculture, while also challenging dominant discourses legitimating this form of production as a means to achieve rural development and food security.

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    • Agriculture and the Generation Problem

      By Ben White     Forthcoming May 2020

      In this unique exploration of relations between the generations in agrarian societies, Agriculture and the Generation Problem examines the dynamics of the transfer of agrarian resources and opportunities between the generations in rural communities, and argues that we must take generational relations seriously if we are to understand the future of farming and the fate of future generations in rural areas.

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    • More Powerful Together

      Conversations With Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders

      By Jen Gobby     Forthcoming May 2020

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    • Ideology Over Economics

      P3s in an Age of Austerity

      By John Loxley     Forthcoming May 2020

      In Ideology Over Economics, economist John Loxley examines the expansion of P3s following the 2008 global financial crisis, when corporations responded to the crisis by lobbying governments for financial assistance and austerity governments responded by expanding financial resources for P3s.

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    • NOlympians

      Inside the Fight Against Capitalist Mega-Sports in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beyond

      By Jules Boykoff     Forthcoming April 2020

      “The need for critical writing about the Olympics has never been more important and no one does it more effectively or incisively than Jules Boykoff. Here he shows us not only the potential harm of the LA 2028 Summer Games but the activists who are bringing this reality to light.” — Dave Zirin

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    • Identifying as Arab in Canada

      A Century of Immigration History

      By Houda Asal     Forthcoming April 2020

      While “Arabs” now attract considerable attention – from media, the state, and sociological studies – their history in Canada remains little known. Identifying as Arab in Canada begins to rectify this invisibilization by exploring the migration from Machrek (the Middle East) to Canada from the late 19th century through the 1970s.

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