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    • On This Patch of Grass

      City Parks and the Politics of Occupied Land

      By Matt Hern, Selena Couture, Daisy Couture and Sadie Couture     Forthcoming January 2019

      Parks are a certain kind of property, and thus creations of law, and they are subject to all kinds of presumptions about what parks are for, and what kinds of people should be doing what kinds of things in them. Parks — as they are currently constituted — are colonial enterprises. On This Patch of Grass is an investigation into one small urban park — Vancouver’s Victoria Park, or Bocce Ball Park — as a way to interrogate the politics of land.

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    • The World Turned Upside Down?

      The Socialist Register 2019

      Edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo     Forthcoming December 2018

      The latest edition of the Socialist Register explores a range of pressing issues and asks what we can expect from the recent social and political changes occurring across the globe.

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    • Decolonizing Academia

      Poverty, Oppression and Pain

      By Clelia O. Rodríguez     Forthcoming December 2018

      Refreshing and radical, Decolonizing Academia speaks to those who have been taught to doubt themselves because of the politics of censorship, violence and silence that sustain the Ivory Tower.

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    • Not a New Problem

      Violence in the Lives of Disabled Women

      Edited by Michelle Owen, Diane Hiebert-Murphy and Janice Ristock     Forthcoming November 2018

      Contributors to Not a New Problem examine the experiences of Canadian women with disabilities, the need for improved access to services and the ways this violence is exacerbated by and intersects with gender, sexuality, Indigeneity, race, ethnicity and class.

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    • Sick and Tired

      Health and Safety Inequalities

      Edited by Stephanie Premji     Forthcoming October 2018

      Bringing together a multidisciplinary group of experts from the fields of labour studies, public health, ergonomics, epidemiology, sociology and law, Sick and Tired examines the inequalities in workplace health and safety.

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    • Staying Alive While Living the Life

      Adversity, Strength, and Resilience in the Lives of Homeless Youth

      By Sue-Ann MacDonald and Benjamin Roebuck     Forthcoming October 2018

      In Staying Alive While Living the Life, Sue-Ann MacDonald and Benjamin Roebuck unpack the realities of living on the streets from the perspective of homeless youth.

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    • Organizing the 1%

      How Corporate Power Works

      By William K. Carroll and J.P. Sapinski     Forthcoming October 2018

      A highly accessible introduction to Marxist political economy, Carroll and Sapinski delve into the capitalist economic system at the root of corporate wealth and power and analyze the ways the capitalist class dominates over contemporary Canadian society.

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    • Bombardier Abroad

      Patterns of Dispossession

      By David P. Thomas     Forthcoming October 2018

      Centred around a theoretical framework that combines concepts of dispossession, political economy and important interventions from the field of settler colonial studies on the topic of colonial dispossession, Bombardier Abroad is a critical look at the problematic practices of a Canadian corporation and the ways in which the Canadian state is culpable.

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    • Viola Desmond

      Her Life and Times

      By Graham Reynolds and Wanda Robson     Forthcoming October 2018

      Accessible, concise and timely, this book tells the incredible, important story of Viola Desmond, considered by many to be Canada’s Rosa Parks.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Critical Development Studies

      An Introduction

      By Henry Veltmeyer and Raúl Delgado Wise     Forthcoming October 2018

      The first book in the Critical Development Studies is a searing expose of the whole development industry. It is an introduction to the critical approach to development focusing on the needs of people rather than the pursuit of profit.