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    • Racism and Anti-Racism in Canada

      Edited by David Este, Liza Lorenzetti and Christa Sato     Forthcoming June 2018

      This introductory book was planned and written specifically as an introduction to racism and anti-racism. It is conspicuously activist and advocates anti-racism within the parameters of sound academic research. The authors do not see a contradiction between strong research and calls to action to create a non-racist society.

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    • No Choice

      The 30-Year Fight for Abortion on Prince Edward Island

      By Kate McKenna     Forthcoming May 2018

      In No Choice, Kate McKenna offers a firsthand account of Prince Edward Island’s refusal to bring abortion services to the Island, and introduces us to the courageous women who struggled for over thirty years to change this.

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    • Doug Knockwood, Mi’kmaw Elder

      Stories, Memories, Reflections

      By Doug Knockwood     Forthcoming May 2018

      This is a personal story of how one man overcame the ravages of colonialism, racism, tuberculosis and alcoholism to become an honoured and respected Elder.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Ohpikiihaakan-ohpihmeh (Raised somewhere else)

      A 60s Scoop Adoptee’s Story of Coming Home

      By Colleen Cardinal     Forthcoming May 2018

      The personal story of a 60s scoop survivor — the loss, the trauma and the journey to heal.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Coming Back to Jail

      Women, Trauma, and Criminalization

      By Elizabeth Comack     Forthcoming May 2018

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    • Labour Under Attack

      Anti-Unionism in Canada

      Edited by Stephanie Ross and Larry Savage     Forthcoming May 2018

      This multi-disciplinary edited collection critically examines the causes and effects of anti-unionism in Canada. Primarily through a series of case studies, the book’s contributors document and expose the tactics and strategies of employers and anti-labour governments while also interrogating some of the labour movement’s own practices as a source of anti-union sentiment among workers.

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    • Alt-Right

      From 4Chan to the White House

      By Mike Wendling     Forthcoming April 2018

      This book is a vital guide to understanding the racist, misogynist, far-right movement that rose to prominence during Donald Trump’s successful election campaign.

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    • Game Misconduct

      Injury, Fandom, and the Business of Sport

      By Nathan Kalman-Lamb     Forthcoming April 2018

      A searing expose of the dark side of professional sports fandom. Rabid fandom of professional sports is implicated in pro athletes’ literally sacrificing their bodies to serious and at times life-ending injury.

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    • There’s Something In The Water

      Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities

      By Ingrid R. G. Waldron     Forthcoming April 2018

      An expose of the environmental injustice practiced by the government of Nova Scotia against it’s marginalized communities.

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    • Critical Development Studies

      An Introduction

      By Henry Veltmeyer and Raúl Delgado Wise     Forthcoming April 2018

      The first book in the Critical Development Studies is a searing expose of the whole development industry. It is an introduction to the critical approach to development focusing on the needs of people rather than the pursuit of profit.