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  • Series: Small Guides to Big Issues
  • Cities

    By Jeremy Seabrook     January 2007

    Every year tens of millions of people abandon rural areas of the South for life in the city. Already overcrowded urban centres are under increasing pressure. With education, health care and even safe water in short supply, cities risk becoming sites of violent conflict for future generations. The urban poor are less accepting of their fate than the scattered rural poor. And yet, world governments are doing little to address these demographic shifts or to provide the basic services that rapid urbanization demands. Jeremy Seabrook offers a vivid portrait of the lives of people who migrate from impoverished villages to towns and cities.

  • Climate Change

    By Melanie Jarman     January 2007

    This engaging guide outlines key issues in the major challenge facing national governments today–how to deal with climate change. With doom-laden forecasts of our future in the next decade, the issue’s importance cannot be over-estimated. Jarman shows how countries are beginning to adapt and what other countries must do to catch up.

  • Women’s Rights

    By Geraldine Terry     January 2007

    All over the world, women and girls are being denied their social, economic, political and civil rights. Women are being systematically discriminated against because of their gender. The aim of this book is to expose this structural discrimination across a range of areas where it occurs–in education, access to public services, in reaping benefits from trade and elsewhere. The book also explores violence against women and looks at how the hiv/aids epidemic in Africa is linked to the denial of rights to women. It places all these issues in a developmental context and looks at positive examples of women acting to transform inequalities and oppression by asserting their rights. Terry argues that sponsoring women’s rights is a moral issue and a very efficient way to pursue poverty reduction goals.