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  • Topic: Social Work
  • Big Death

    Funeral Planning in the Age of Corporate Deathcare

    By Doug Smith     January 2007

    Over the last twenty years the corporate death “care” industry, has taken over Canada’s funerals and funeral planning, in preparation for the Golden Age of Death in North America, which will commence in 2016, when the first baby boomer turns seventy.

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  • Enriched by Catastrophe

    Social Work and Social Conflict after the Halifax Explosion

    By Michelle Hébert Boyd     January 2007

    When social workers arrived on the scene after the Halifax explosion it marked the beginning of the transition from a charity model of social welfare to a profession of trained and paid social workers. The newly arrived social workers had to practise their skills in the context of Halifax’s prevailing class structures, where, traditionally, well-off volunteers passed judgment on their poorer neighbours and great care was taken not to improve the conditions of people beyond their station in society. This work reflects on the lessons the profession of social work took from its work in rebuilding the lives of Haligonians and the lessons still to be learned from this experience.

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  • Social Perspectives on Death and Dying (2nd edition)

    By Jeanette Auger     January 2007

    While death is an inevitable happening in all our lives, the perspectives that we hold about death and dying are socially constructed. This text takes us through the maze of issues, both social and personal, which surround death and dying in our country. The author invites us not to just peek at issues of death and dying but to open our eyes wide and examine how Canadian cultures deal with those concepts. In this new updated edition, Auger challenges us to examine our own thoughts, feelings and fears–our own experience–of the death and dying phenomena.

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  • With Child

    Substance Use During Pregnancy, A Woman-Centred Approach

    Edited by Susan C. Boyd and Lenora Marcellus     December 2006

    Drug use is among the behaviours that are associated with or a consequence of poverty. The contributors to this volume propose that those who provide services for pregnant drugusing women must recognize that care of women with social problems that affect pregnancy outcome should be approached in the same way as care for women with medical problems that have obstetric consequences. This book provides practitioners and researchers with valuable information about maternal drug use, best practices and policy.

  • Butterbox Babies

    Baby Sales, Baby Deaths o New Revelations 15 Years Later

    By Bette L. Cahill     January 2006

    A young woman in Nova Scotia gives birth to a child out of wedlock. A childless couple in New Jersey desperately searches for a baby to adopt. These people never meet but their lives become forever linked through a tiny baby girl. Natalie, that baby, spent the first two years of her life in the Ideal Maternity Home on Canada’s rocky East Coast. Louis and Mabel Goldman of Newark adopted her in August 1945.

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  • Healing Wounded Hearts

    By Fyre Jean Graveline     January 2004

    Healing Wounded Hearts brings together stories, poems and artwork that illustrate the struggles and strengths that Fyre Jean has, as a Métis Woman, living everyday in intersecting, parallel, sometimes colliding, socio-cultural realities. Baring her Heart and Soul, she shares personal, painful, spiritual discoveries of how life and worlds work, through Stories that have grown her into who she is. Through a blend of original research, reflective journals and creative use of dialogue, people, places, times, events, beings come alive. Simultaneously Traditional and Experimental, Factual and Fictional, her word choice and placement foreground questions of Authority, Power and Privilege. Fyre Jean is a wordsmith who bends and shapes languages, to make Truth, to Transform, to Move herself and her readers from one Place, Condition, Reality, to another. Healing Wounded Hearts is a process, a flow, a Journey. When you open this book, you open a Doorway to Healing. Be prepared to experience her worlds–personal and political, academic and artistic, humorous and tragic. You will be enlightened, inspired, moved, surprised into new ways of Seeing, Believing, Being. A must read for social activists, academics, artists, helpers and those on a Healing Journey.

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  • When Teens Abuse Their Parents

    By Barbara Cottrell     January 2004

    This book is about the what, who, how and why of parent abuse. Cottrell breaks the silence around this seldom mentioned but all too widely occurring problem. In it we hear the stories of parents who have been abused by their children, most of whom are teenagers. We also hear the stories of the children who abuse. But this book is not just an exposé of the problem. It offers advice, guidelines and help for both parents and abusive children. While recommending professional help from counsellors and community workers, the author also discusses how parent support groups have been helpful in letting parents know that they are not alone. Out of her experience in conducting workshops and developing community response networks, Cottrell offers a wide range of options for parents in trouble and advocates a far reaching program for developing community awareness.

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  • Within Our Reach

    Preventing Abuse across the Lifespan

    Edited by Christine A. Ateah and Janet Mirwaldt     December 2003

    This volume is the fifth in the Healing and Hurting series co-published with RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse). Within Our Reach focuses on lifespan issues associated with violence and abuse and discusses programs, practices and policies to address these issues. Each chapter, co-authored by an academic and a community practitioner, addresses specific issues of violence across the lifespan, from early childhood until late adulthood. These discussions highlight the effects of violence associated with an age group, including the physical punishment of children, sibling violence and bullying and other abusive behaviours occurring in childhood, dating violence, intimate violence experienced by immigrant women and abuse of the elderly. Although the issues of violence and abuse are ongoing concerns, this volume focuses on the many important efforts directed toward prevention that allow for optimism.

  • Cultural Inclusion

    Supporting Children to Value Diversity and Challenge Racial Prejudice

    {role} {contributors}{contributor_name}{contributor_post}{/contributors}     January 2003

    Cultural Inclusion brings together the knowledge, skills and understanding required for early childhood professionals and parents to respond proactively on issues of racism. Not only does it provide culturally appropriate care and education for children, it also supports equitable access for parents from culturally diverse back-grounds, and a range of programming activities and strategies for all children.

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  • Ecology and Social Work

    Toward a New Paradigm

    By John Coates     January 2003

    Social work, with few exceptions, has neglected to give serious consideration to the consequences of environmental devastation and the changes which a shift toward ecological sustainability will demand. If it is to remain viable, social work must become a positive pro-active force in the creation of a socially just and sustainable community. Coates critiques the assumptions, values and beliefs of the dominant world view which supports most economic and social activity. He reviews and critiques social work’s major theoretical frameworks and introduces and articulates a new world view, which provides a solid theoretical foundation for both social work education and a professional practice.

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