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    • Star Wars in Canadian Sociology

      Exploring the Social Construction of Knowledge

      By David A. Nock     January 1993

      “David Nock looks at the theories of prominant sociologists and presents a thoroughly grounded discussion of how this unique brand of sociology has been socially constructed. It is a pleasant, interesting, and informative reader which makes all these topics look just a little bit different than they did before.”-Rich Ogmundson, University of Victoria

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    • Recasting Steel Labour

      The Stelco Story

      By June Corman, D.W. Livingstone, Meg Luxton and Wally Secombe     January 1993

      This is a local study of steelworkers employed at, or aid off from, Stelco’s Hilton Works in Hamilton, Ontario. This local study has been situated in the context of the global restructuring of capitalism. The authors content that more than ever before the dynamics of the whole world economy limit and shape the actions of its past - a process referred to as “globalizing the local.”

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    • Real Problems, False Solutions

      The Socialist Register 1993

      Edited by Ralph Miliband and Leo Panitch     January 1993

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    • No Going Back

      Women as University Students

      By Patricia Campbell     January 1993

      Allowing women to tell their stories in their own voices, this book reveals their collective experience in all its complexity.

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    • Marketing Place

      Cultural Politics, Regionalism and Reading

      By Ursula A. Kelly     January 1993

      Marketing Place provides a framework for an analysis of the politics of cultural practices and their relationship to the broader social forces which shape our lives.

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    • Feminism and the Politics of Difference

      By Sneja Gunew and Anna Yeatman     January 1993

      Among the issues posed for feminism by the politics of difference are ones of voice and representation; who is authorised to speak for whom? Increasingly, “western: feminism is being challenged to confront the multiple characters of dominations and exploitation, usually conceived of as gender, class, race and ethnicity. This innovative and timely collection reveals exciting contemporary theorising raising and exploring the problems posed by identity politics and the possibilities for non-exclusive cultural and gendered positions. Feminism and the politics of difference includes feminist theorists from several disciplines from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

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    • Ecofeminism

      By Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva     January 1993

      Two authors, one an economist, the other a physicist and philosopher, come together in this book on a controversial environmental agenda. Using interview material, they bring together women’s perspectives from North and South on environmental deterioration and develop and new way of approaching this body of knowledge which is at once practical and philosophical. Do women involved in environmental movements see a link between patriarchy and ecological degradation? What are the links between global militarism and the destruction of nature? In exploring such questions, the authors criticize prevailing theories and develop an intellectually rigorous ecofeminist perspective rooted in the needs of everyday life. They argue for the acceptance of limits, the rejection of the commoditization of needs, and a commitment to a new ethics.

    • Divorce and Disengagement

      Patterns of Fatherhood Within and Beyond Marriage

      By Edward Kruk     January 1993

      This book’s purpose is to better portray divorced fatherhood and to provide family practitioners and policy-makers with an empirically-based understanding of the impact of divorce on non-custodial fathers, and of fathers’ disengagement from their children after divorce.

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    • Arguing With Numbers–Workbook

      Statistics for the Social Sciences

      By Paul Gingrich and Victor Thiessen     January 1993

      This book focuses on both constructing-and demolishing-arguments based on numbers. It brings a fresh approach to the study of statistics, one which will have students asking for more rather than avoiding the next statistics course.

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    • Revolution In The Americas

      By B.H. Barlow     December 1992

      What is revolution? In this text Barry Barlow traces the emergence of modern revolution from the early 1500s. After setting the stage by comparing and contrasting the main revolutionary movements from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, he goes on to look specifically at the revolutionary movements in Latin America during this century.