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    • Maid in the Market

      Women’s Paid Domestic Labour

      Edited by Sedef Arat-Koç and Wenona Giles     January 1994

      Even when done in “public” and for pay, the work of housekeeping and caregiving in capitalist society is problematic. This book shows how the work of reproduction is subordinated and devalued in the marketplace as well as at home.

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    • Dim Time and History on a Garrison Clock

      A Collection of Poetry

      By Margaret Benjamin Hammer     January 1993

      “This is modern poetry: its eye always open for the telling image, ear cocked to an internal music, and tongue ready to taste the tartness of irony…. These poems are not only thoughtful in an intellectual sense but in a compassionate one as well.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Global Ecology

      A New Arena of Political Conflict

      Edited by Wolfgang Sachs     January 1993

      Behind the public’s hope of effective action by governments on environmental issues lie a complex terrain of conceptual confusion, conflicts of interest and philosophical dispute. This is hwy some of the world’s leading environmental thinkers have come together in this volume to probe critically the new languages being developed by the environmental professionals.

    • The Westray Tragedy

      A Miner’s Story

      By Shaun Comish     January 1993

      “Shaun pulls no punches and gives no quarter to those responsible for what took place on May 9th. This is a book that Canadians will want to read. The company, as Shaun states in his book, tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. They were not fooled. Shaun’s book gives the screaming truth of the incompetency and lack of regard for human life by company officials and politicians.” - Mike Piche, United Steelworkers

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    • Stifling Debate

      Canadian Newspapers and Nuclear Power

      By Michael Clow     January 1993

      This study of nuclear coverage in four dailies in Ontario and New Brunswick finds that it is the promoters, not the opponents, of nuclear energy that overwhelmingly dominate news coverage.

    • Star Wars in Canadian Sociology

      Exploring the Social Construction of Knowledge

      By David A. Nock     January 1993

      “David Nock looks at the theories of prominant sociologists and presents a thoroughly grounded discussion of how this unique brand of sociology has been socially constructed. It is a pleasant, interesting, and informative reader which makes all these topics look just a little bit different than they did before.”-Rich Ogmundson, University of Victoria

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    • Recasting Steel Labour

      The Stelco Story

      By June Corman, D.W. Livingstone, Meg Luxton and Wally Secombe     January 1993

      This is a local study of steelworkers employed at, or aid off from, Stelco’s Hilton Works in Hamilton, Ontario. This local study has been situated in the context of the global restructuring of capitalism. The authors content that more than ever before the dynamics of the whole world economy limit and shape the actions of its past - a process referred to as “globalizing the local.”

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    • Real Problems, False Solutions

      The Socialist Register 1993

      Edited by Ralph Miliband and Leo Panitch     January 1993

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    • No Going Back

      Women as University Students

      By Patricia Campbell     January 1993

      Allowing women to tell their stories in their own voices, this book reveals their collective experience in all its complexity.

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    • Marketing Place

      Cultural Politics, Regionalism and Reading

      By Ursula A. Kelly     January 1993

      Marketing Place provides a framework for an analysis of the politics of cultural practices and their relationship to the broader social forces which shape our lives.

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