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    • Understanding Violence and Abuse

      An Anti-Oppressive Practice Perspective

      By Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour     Forthcoming September 2017

      In Understanding Violence and Abuse, Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour examine violence and abuse from an anti-oppressive practice perspective and make connections between interpersonal violence and structural, institutional and cultural violence.

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    • Chocolate Cherry Chai

      By Taslim Burkowicz     Forthcoming September 2017

      “This book is a moving contribution to the growing body of fictional writings about migrants and racialized women across transnational borders. An authentic description of events and stories that is profoundly touching.”

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    • Under Her Skin

      By Stephen Law     Forthcoming September 2017

      Tucked away in her tattoo studio in the port city of Halifax, Shaz draws meaning and symbolism onto the bodies of her clients. After the ransacking of her home, the brutal attack on her friend and the sudden appearance of her white father, Shaz is compelled to explore the racial divides in her life and in the city around her. A chance encounter with Rashid, a parkour-performing refugee from Sri Lanka, provides a stabilizing counterpoint to the tumultuous relationships in her life.

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      A Roseway Book
    • Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

      What Inuit Have Always Known to Be True

      Edited by Joe Karetak, Frank Tester and Shirley Tagalik     Forthcoming September 2017

      Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit — meaning all the extensive knowledge and experience passed from generation to generation — is a collection of contributions by well- known and respected Inuit Elders. The book functions as a way of preserving important knowledge and tradition, contextualizing that knowledge within Canada’s colonial legacy and providing an Inuit perspective on how we relate to each other, to other living beings and the environment.

    • Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists

      The Origins of the Women’s Shelter Movement in Canada

      By Margo Goodhand     Forthcoming September 2017

      In the supposedly enlightened ’60s and ’70s, violence against women didn’t make the news. It didn’t exist. Yet in 1973 — with no statistics, no money and little public support — five disparate groups of Canadian women quietly opened the country’s first battered women’s shelters. Today, there are well over 600.

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    • We Can Do Better

      Ideas for Changing Society

      By David Camfield     Forthcoming August 2017

      In We Can Do Better, David Camfield lays out a theoretical basis for political and social change that fuses critical Marxism with insights from anti-racist queer feminism. This reconstructed historical materialism treats capitalism and class as inextricably interwoven with gender, race and sexuality.

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    • What Moves Us?

      The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination

      Edited by Alex Khasnabish and Max Haiven     July 2017

      In original essays and interviews, radical thinkers from across Canada and beyond contemplate the birth of their own radical consciousness and the political and intellectual commitments that animate their activism.

    • Finding Their Way Again

      The Experiences of Gang-Affected Refugee Youth

      By Matthew Fast     July 2017

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    • Cuba–U.S. Relations

      Obama and Beyond

      By Arnold August     May 2017

      “An expert on Cuba, Arnold August offers a revealing view of the conflict between Washington and Havana and the foreign policy of the United States vis-à-vis the island.”

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    • Just Jen

      Thriving Through Multiple Sclerosis

      By Jen Powley     April 2017

      “Jen Powley’s intimate and provocative writing will wake you up. Jen brings insight, compassion, and humour to these memorable stories of living ‘waist high’ among family, friends, and lovers. Trust this writer: she’s the real thing.”

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      A Roseway Book