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    • Heroin

      An Illustrated History

      By Susan C.  Boyd     May 2022

      The only book-length Canadian history of the harm done from criminalizing heroin users and addicts, the most horrendous being overdose epidemics caused by poisoned drugs.

    • Tiny Engines of Abundance

      A History of Peasant Productivity and Repression

      By Jim Handy     April 2022

      Food production by small peasant farmers is both more productive and sustainable than food produced by corporate agriculture.

    • Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice

      A Search for Ways Forward

      By David Milward     April 2022

      This book provides an account of the ongoing ties between the enduring traumas caused by the residential schools and Indigenous over-incarceration

    • Critical Social Work Praxis

      Edited by Sobia Shaheen Shaikh, Brenda A.  LeFrançois and Teresa Macías     March 2022

      A cutting-edge critical social work textbook that unites social work theory with practice.

    • Sister Seen, Sister Heard

      By Kimia Eslah     March 2022

      A story for every immigrant struggling between cultures, every youth rebelling against parents, and every woman facing assault alone.

      A Roseway Book
    • The Socialist Register 2022

      New Polarizations, Old Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism

      Edited by Greg Albo, Leo Panitch and Colin Leys     December 2021

      The word “polarization” is on the lips of every commentator today, from mainstream journalists to the left, but the significance of this widely recognized phenomenon needs far more scrutiny than it has had.

    • Spin Doctors

      How Media and Politicians Misdiagnosed the COVID-19 Pandemic

      By Nora Loreto     November 2021

      This book meticulously documents the root causes of the struggles amplified by the pandemic and media and challenges media and politicians who justify the status quo.

    • Ineligible

      Single Mothers Under Welfare Surveillance

      By Krys Maki     November 2021

      A comprehensive examination of welfare state surveillance and regulation of single mothers in Ontario.

    • Fight to Win

      Inside Poor People’s Organizing

      By A.J.  Withers     November 2021

      The first full length book on the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, one of Canada’s most significant poor people’s activist organizations.

    • Insurgent Love

      Abolition and Domestic Homicide

      By Ardath Whynacht     October 2021

      When loved ones transgress into violence, how do we seek justice and safety outside of policing and prisons?