• Enough

    By Kimia Eslah     Forthcoming October 2023

    Three Iranian women from different generations working at Toronto City Hall respond to institutional racism while the city champions inclusion.

    A Roseway Book
  • The Untimely Resurrection of John Alexander MacNeil

    By Lesley Choyce     Forthcoming September 2023

    After willing himself back to life with sheer stubbornness, ninety-year-old John Alexander MacNeil finds Death sitting at his kitchen table.

    A Roseway Book
  • Ruby Red Skies

    By Taslim Burkowicz     October 2022

    A betrayed middle-aged mother embarks on a quest that takes her straight into B.C.’s wildfires and her ancient Mughal ancestry.

    A Roseway Book
  • This House Is Not a Home

    By Katłıà  Read by Brianne Tucker     September 2022

    A gripping tale that combines fictional characters with real historical events of a time when the housing system dispossessed Indigenous Peoples across the north.

    A Roseway Book
  • Resilience

    Honouring the Children of Residential Schools

    By Jackie Traverse  Foreword by Geraldine (Gramma)  Shingoose     August 2022

    Anishnaabe artist Jackie Traverse’s third colouring book honours the Indigenous Peoples who were colonized by and endured the violence of Canada’s child-stealing systems.

    A Roseway Book
  • Sister Seen, Sister Heard

    By Kimia Eslah     March 2022

    A story for every immigrant struggling between cultures, every youth rebelling against parents, and every woman facing assault alone.

    A Roseway Book
  • Atacama

    A Novel

    By Carmen Rodríguez     September 2021

    Atacama is the story of two fictional characters of disparate backgrounds but connected by a profound understanding of the other’s emotional predicaments and by their unwavering commitment to social justice.

    A Roseway Book
  • Rebellion’s Daughter

    By Judi Coburn     September 2021

    In this historical fiction, spirited young Eunice escapes inequity and, dressing as a boy, joins a rebellion against the elite-ruled government.

    A Roseway Book
  • Jude and Diana

    By Sharon Robart-Johnson     June 2021

    A story of two enslaved sisters. A story of brutality. A story of joy. Sharon Robart-Johnson blends archival research with fiction to compel us: Black lives matter enough to remember.

    A Roseway Book
  • Land-Water-Sky / Ndè-Tı-Yat’a

    By Katłıà     October 2020

    Land-Water-Sky/Ndè-Tı-Yat’a is the debut novel from Dene author Katłįà. Set in Canada’s far north, this layered composite novel traverses space and time, from a community being stalked by a dark presence, a group of teenagers out for a dangerous joyride, to an archeological site on a mysterious island that holds a powerful secret.

    A Roseway Book