With Child

Substance Use During Pregnancy, A Woman-Centred Approach

Edited by Susan C.  Boyd and Lenora Marcellus  

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Drug use is among the behaviours that are associated with or a consequence of poverty. The contributors to this volume propose that those who provide services for pregnant drugusing women must recognize that care of women with social problems that affect pregnancy outcome should be approached in the same way as care for women with medical problems that have obstetric consequences. This book provides practitioners and researchers with valuable information about maternal drug use, best practices and policy.

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  • Drug Use and Parenting (Mary Hepburn)
  • Part One: Making Sense of Theory
  • The Journey to Comprehensive Care (Susan Boyd)
  • Drug Scares and Practice: Socio-Historical Considerations (Susan Boyd)
  • Using Feminist Ethics to Inform Practice with Pregnant Women Who Use Substances (Lenora Marcellus)
  • Outcomes for Children with Prenatal Exposure to Drugs and Alcohol: A Social Determinants of Health Approach
  • Part Two: Innovative Women-Centred Practice
  • Caring not Curing: Caring for Pregnant Women with Problematic Substance Use in an Acute Care Setting (Sarah Payne)
  • One Women at a Time: Bringing The Fir square Model of Practice to a Community Hospital (Alice Forsyth, Dawn Pomponio and Laurie Robinson)
  • “Making it More Welcome”: Best Practice Child Welfare Work With Substance-Using Mothers (Sydney Weaver)
  • Breaking The Cycle: An Essay in Three Voices (Margaret Leslie, Gina De Marchi and Mary Motz)
  • Part Three: Future Directions
  • Knowing About Women, Children and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: What Knowledge and Whose Knowing Counts? (Carolyn Schellenberg)
  • Harm Reduction in Action: Future Directions (Susan Boyd and Lenora Marcellus)


  • Susan C.  Boyd

    Distinguished Professor, University of Victoria

    Susan C. Boyd is a scholar/activist and distinguished professor at the University of Victoria. She has authored several articles and books on drug issues, including Busted: An Illustrated History of Drug Prohibition in Canada. She was a member of the federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation. She is a long-time activist who collaborates with groups that advocate for the end of drug prohibition and for the establishment of diverse services.

  • Lenora Marcellus


    Lenora Marcellus, RN, MN, has practised nursing for more than twenty years in acute care and community maternal-infant settings. She serves as Leader of Perinatal Program Development for the Vancouver Island Health Authority and instructs in the Safe Babies Program, which educates and supports foster families who care for infants with prenatal substance exposure. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta and at the time of writing is a research fellow with the Gender and Addiction Research Training Program at the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.

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