Walking This Path Together, 2nd Edition

Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare Practice

Edited by Jeannine Carrière and Susan Strega  

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Walking This Path Together is an edited collection devoted to improving the lives of children and families that come to the attention of child welfare authorities by demonstrating and advocating for socially just child welfare practices. In this new, updated edition, authors provide special consideration to the historical and political context of child welfare in Canada and theoretical ideas and concrete practices that support practitioners, educators and students who are looking for anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial perspectives on child welfare practice.

“This is a timely book as many child welfare agencies are beginning the journey of implementing an anti-oppressive framework into practice. With several chapters by Indigenous scholars, the plight of our children remains in the spotlight. An underlying message in this book is that if the challenges for Indigenous child welfare can be properly addressed, then those of all other marginalized populations will follow.”

— Cyndy Baskin, School of Social Work, Chair of Aboriginal Education Council, Ryerson University

“My students and I have found this text to be of particular importance because it has tremendous applicability to the field work and practicum experiences of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who will one day work with Indigenous populations who are involved with the child welfare systems of this country.“

— Marlyn Bennett, Yellowquill College and the University of Manitoba

“Using anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks as guides, this book provides several strategies that if implemented would address the systemic and structural problems that plague child welfare practice.”

— Dave Este, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

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  • July 2020
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  • Introduction: Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare (Susan Strega & Sohki Aski Esquao [Jeannine Carrière])
  • Indigenous Children in the Centre: Indigenous Perspectives on Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare Practice (Kundoqk [Jacquie Green] & Qwul’sih’yah’maht [Robina Thomas])
  • Meeting Here and Now: Reflections on Racial and Cultural Differences in Social Work Encounters (Donna Jeffery)
  • Can Family Group Conferencing Engage Indigenous Families in Child Protection Work? (Tara Ney, Kinewesquao [Cathy Richardson] & Maureen Maloney)
  • Race Matters: Social Justice not Assimilation or Cultural Competence (Sarah Maiter)
  • Critical Well Being in Child Welfare: A Journey Towards Creating a New Social Contract for Black Communities (Nicole Bonnie & Gordon Pon)
  • There Is No Anti-Oppression Without Service Users’ Voice (Gary Dumbrill & Winnie Lo)
  • Preparing Social Workers to Support Métis Families (Kinewesquao [Cathy Richardson])
  • Anti-Oppressive Approaches to Child Protection Assessment and File Recording (Michele Fairbairn & Susan Strega)
  • Engaging Fathers in Child Welfare Practice (Christopher Walmsley, Leslie Brown, Susan Strega, Lena Dominelli & Marilyn Callahan)
  • Taking Children’s Resistance Seriously: A Response-Based Approach to Children Experiencing Violence (Kinewesquao [Cathy Richardson] & Shelly Bonnah)
  • Indigenous Families, Substance Use and Child Welfare (Charlotte Loppie & Bernie Pauly) • Creating Places of Belonging: Expanding Notions of Permanency with Indigenous Youth in Care (Sandrina de Finney & Lara di Tomasso)
  • Towards Anti-Oppression in Indigenous Adoption (Otiskewa¯pit [Raven Sinclair] & Sohki Aski Esquao [Jeannine Carrière])
  • Practising from the Heart (Sohki Aski Esquao [Jeannine Carrière] & Wa Cheew Wapaguunew Iskew [Carolyn Peacock])
  • References
  • Index


  • Jeannine Carrière

    University of Victoria

    Dr. Jeannine Carrière is a Metis woman originally from the Red River area of Manitoba. Her educational background includes a PhD in Human Ecology Family Studies, an MSW a BSW and a BA in Sociology. She is an Associate Professor at the University Of Victoria School Of Social Work in the Indigenous Specialization. Her research interests include child and adoption and issues of identity, mental health, and Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge transfer. Dr. Carriere has several publications in these research areas and serves on a number of volunteer committees related to Aboriginal child welfare. In 2008 she received the Adoption Activist award from the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC).

  • Susan Strega

    University of Victoria

    Susan Strega is a Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Victoria. Susan’s areas of teaching specialization and interest include: anti-oppressive/anti-racist practice, research methodologies, discourse analysis, feminist methods, post-structural approaches and violence against women.

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