Understanding Violence and Abuse

An Anti-Oppressive Practice Perspective

By Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour  

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In Understanding Violence and Abuse, Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour examine violence and abuse from an anti-oppressive practice perspective and make connections between interpersonal violence and structural, institutional and cultural violence. Using case studies from Canada, the U.K., the U.S., Australia, Bangladesh, India and elsewhere, the authors discuss topics ranging from class oppression, street violence, white privilege, war, shame, Islamophobia and abuse in intimate relationships, as well as introduce the core tenets of anti-oppressive social work practice. They encourage readers to reflect upon hierarchies of identity and difference in relation to the ways in which violence and abuse are defined, understood and addressed. Further, they discuss several responses to violence using an anti-oppressive framework.

  • Social Work
  • ISBN: 9781552668870
  • November 2017
  • 234 Pages
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  • July 2020
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  • Acknowledgements
  • Part 1 - Conceptualizing Violence and Abuse
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • AOP Key Concepts and Practice Principles
  • Part 2 - Recognizing Violence and Abuse
  • Class, Race, Religion, Violence and Abuse
  • Gender, Sexuality, Violence and Abuse
  • Ability, Age, Violence and Abuse
  • Part 3 - Understanding Responses to Violence and Abuse
  • Legislative and Policy Responses
  • Social Movements and Community Responses
  • Individual and Therapeutic Responses
  • Closing Comments
  • Bibliography
  • Index


  • Heather Fraser

    Heather Fraser teaches social work at Flinders University.

  • Kate Seymour

    Kate Seymour teaches social work at Flinders University.

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