To Live and Die in America

Class, Power, Health and Health Care

By Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson  

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To Live and Die in America details how the United States has among the worst indicators of health in the industrialized world and at the same time spends significantly more on its health care system than any other industrial nation.

The authors explain this phenomenon as the product of the unique brand of capitalism that has developed in the U.S. It is this particular form of capitalism that created both the social and economic conditions that largely influence health outcomes and the inefficient, unpopular and inaccessible health care system that is incapable of dealing with them.

“A cogent and penetrating analysis of health outcomes in America, outlining the historical role played by unions in contributing to public health services. A must-read for all who embrace the goals for fairness shared by the 99 percent.”

— Paul Moist, National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees

  • International Politics
  • Co-published with Pluto Press
  • ISBN: 9781552665619
  • February 2013
  • 248 Pages
  • For sale in Canada

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  • Class, Power, Health and Health Care
  • The Medical Miracle?
  • To Live and Die in 19th-Century America: A Class-Based Explanation of the Rise and Fall of Infectious Disease
  • Death in Our Times: The Exceptional Class Context for Chronic Disease in America
  • The Political Economy of U.S. Healthcare: The Medical Industrial Complex
  • Three Easy Lessons
  • Index


  • Robert Chernomas

    Robert Chernomas is a professor of economics at the University of Manitoba.

  • Ian Hudson

    Ian Hudson is an associate professor of economics at the University of Manitoba.

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