The Untimely Resurrection of John Alexander MacNeil

by Lesley Choyce  

After willing himself back to life with sheer stubbornness, ninety-year-old John Alexander MacNeil finds Death sitting at his kitchen table.

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  • September 2023
  • ISBN: 9781773636399
  • 216 pages
  • $24.00
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  • EPUB September 2023
  • ISBN: 9781773636474
  • $23.99
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About the book

John Alexander MacNeil is back with another astonishing adventure. The ninety-year-old still lives alone on the blessed isle of Cape Breton. He still sometimes makes tea for his wife, who died decades ago. He accepts his lonely life, ignoring the world changing around him. But one night, he feels his heart stop. After willing himself back to life with sheer stubbornness, John Alex finds Death himself sitting at his kitchen table, perplexed and intrigued by his victim’s recovery. What follows is a tale on the edge of reality, full of love, doubt and the inexplicable details of an extraordinary life. Keeping what wits he has about him, John Alex needs to muster all the wisdom and courage he has to protect those around him from the dangers of an ever-changing world and the grim reaper he has come to know.

In his 103rd book, acclaimed author of The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil takes the reader through another beautiful adventure about time and love. Lesley Choyce tackles topics like dementia, elder sexuality and assisted dying with humour and grace.


What people are saying

Mill Street Books, Almonte, Ontario

The Unlikely Redemption of John Alexander MacNeil was a word-of-mouth sensation, selling over 730 copies in our small community since 2017. What a pleasure to be reacquainted with John Alexander, an endearingly crotchety and kind character. Despite describing himself as “beyond my expiry date” he has lots of thoughts and adventures to entertain his lucky readers. Reading this sequel is like catching up with an old friend, pulling up a chair to his kitchen table and reflecting that how you live really matters.”


Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce is the author of more than 100 books of literary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and young adult novels. He runs Pottersfield Press and has worked as editor with a wide range of Canadian authors. Choyce has been teaching English and creative writing at Dalhousie and other universities for over forty years. He has won the Dartmouth Book Award, Atlantic Poetry Prize and Ann Connor Brimer Award and has been short-listed for the Governor-General’s Award. In 2022 he was given the Atlantic Legacy Award for his “lasting contribution to the development of the literary arts in Atlantic Canada.” He surfs year-round in the North Atlantic.


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