The Socialist Register Series

The Socialist Register 2023

Capital and Politics

edited by Greg Albo, Nicole Aschoff and Alfredo Saad-Filho  

The 59th annual volume of the Socialist Register.

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  • December 2022
  • ISBN: 9781773635538
  • 302 pages
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About the book

The 59th annual volume of the Socialist Register examines the growth of corporate power and other important organizational trends in global capitalism. It rejects such notions as stakeholder capitalism and reviews the organization and strategies of unions and the left, and its current and potential practices, as it searches for new routes to socialism.

Capitalism & Alternatives International Politics


Greg Albo

Greg Albo teaches political economy at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto. He is currently co-editor of the Socialist Register. He is also on the editorial boards of Studies in Political Economy, Relay, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Canadian Dimension, The Bullet and Historical Materialism (England). Co-editor of A Different Kind of State: Popular Power and Democratic Administration and author of numerous articles in journals such as Studies in Political Economy, Socialist Register, Canadian Dimension, and Monthly Review.

Nicole Aschoff

Nicole Aschoff is a writer, editor and sociologist. She is an editor-at-large at Jacobin and managing editor of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.

Alfredo Saad-Filho

Alfredo Saad-Filho is a professor of political economy and international development and head of the Department of International Development at King’s College London, and he has taught in universities and research institutions across the world.


  • Stephen Maher and Scott M. Aquanno Capitalist Restructuring, State Transformation: Leo Panitch and Capitalism Today
  • Stephen F. Diamond The ‘Corporate Governance’ Myth
  • Adam Hanieh World Oil: Contemporary Transformations in Ownership and Control
  • Nicolas Graham and William K. Carroll Climate Breakdown: From Fossil Capitalism to Climate Capitalism (and Beyond?)
  • Rafeef Ziadah Logistical Landscapes: Corporate Power and Capital in the Maritime Industry
  • Charmaine Chua and Spencer Cox Battling the Behemoth: Amazon and the Rise of America’s New Working Class
  • Kyle Bailey The Illusions of ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’: The Case of Unilever
  • Richard Saunders Transnational Capital and Regulating African Extractives: Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds
  • Minqi Li From ‘996’ to ‘Lying Flat’: China’s Regime of Accumulation
  • Pun Ngai and Chen Peier Infrastructural Capitalism: High-Speed Rail and Class Conflict in China
  • Armando Boito Political Divisions and Neo-Fascism in Brazil
  • Patrick Bond Multilateralism at a Crossroads: Vaccine Apartheid, Climate Wars, Geopolitical Turmoil
  • Panagiotis Sotiris Mass Parties, Dual Power, and Questions of Strategy: A Dialogue with Leo Panitch
  • Madeleine Davis Leo Panitch on British Labourism and the Prospects for a ‘Labour New Left’
  • Leo Panitch and Rafael Khachaturian Against Pessimism: A Life on the Left


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